The Friday Favourite: Night and Day

Friday Favourite - Night and Day

The Friday Favourite, our review of a show worthy of a weekend binge, and this week in the spotlight is……

Night and Day, the Catalan drama on Walter Presents on All4.

If you like good character based stories with a crime drama hook then this show is for you. I’d say this series has slightly more in common with some of the stronger recent Scandinavian series like Norskov and Before We Die than with many Spanish series I’ve seen, which can tend towards melodrama and implausible plotting. Not that there aren’t still some elements of both of the later here at times. Overall the storytelling here is excellent though, plenty of surprises in how the story develops but those surprises tend to happen organically so you see them coming just about the right amount of time ahead. Worth mentioning this isn’t a whodunnit: hints of The Fall in terms of the main villain here.

One of the main assets of the series for me is the ensemble so it’s hard to pick one specific character as a stand out. Sara Grau is of course an interesting, flawed female lead and we also have a compelling, if awful, villain. I could happily name at least half a dozen other characters who I thought were terrific though as well as a couple more I liked a lot and hope have slightly bigger roles in season two.

*******My ranking out of 10 for this – 8/10. Very good.*******


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