The Friday Favourite: Alex

Alex - Friday Favourite

The Friday Favourite, our review of a show worthy of a weekend binge, and this week in the spotlight is……

Alex, the new Swedish drama on Walter Presents.

Premise: A corrupt cop tries to go clean but his underworld boss wants him to do one last job first and will go to extreme lengths to persuade him. Meanwhile he is assigned a squeaky clean new partner who is tasked with keeping an eye on him.

If you like a good action packed series that will have you on the edge of your seat this is definitely a series for you. I’ll add the caveat that it’s not a series for the squeamish as there’s plenty of violence throughout: I recommend at least a cushion to hide behind when the nail clippers come out (no spoilers). You couldn’t call Alex (Dragomir Mrsic) exactly a lovable lead character but that doesn’t make him any less compelling to watch as he blusters around like Vic Mackey on a very bad day. Worth reading this fascinating background article about the life of Dragomir Mrsic from too – I wasn’t aware when watching the series that his son in the series is also his son in real life.

The supporting cast of characters is varied and interesting both in terms of the good guys and the many bad ones. I’ll admit it crept up on me how invested I was in some of those characters as events unfolded in the last few episodes. My personal favourite was Frida Kanto (Rakel Wärmländer), I’d definitely happily watch a spin-off centred around that character and the people closest to her. The pacing of the series is excellent: a good tight six episodes that gets better as it goes along and builds to a fine finale.

*******My ranking out of 10 for this – 8/10. Very good.*******


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