BBC Four confirms transmission date for season two of Black Lake.

Black Lake S2

BBC Four have announced the first series that will fill their Saturday night world drama slot in 2019 and they are starting with what is hopefully the first of many new or returning Scandinavian dramas we’ll see over the course of the year. The Killing Times reports that the second season of Black Lake (Svartsjön) will premiere on Saturday 29 December.

Johan Ceder (Filip Berg) is as far as I’m aware the only character set to return for what is actually a prequel to the first season which aired on BBC Four in September/October 2017. That first season was an interesting watch, if not one of my absolute favourites, as it mixed the traditional mystery format with hints of something otherworldly.

As per the Viaplay press release,  Season 2 follows Johan as he heads to a treatment centre on Kallskär, an island on the outer archipelago, after being sentenced for drug possession. The other patients he meets at the centre include: Minnie (Hedda Stiernstedt),  a young mother struggling to win back the custody of her child, and Isabelle (Alida Morberg), a young woman with mental problems who has come to the island to find herself.

But there is something not quite right on Kallskär. The archipelago has dark secrets that seem to stretch back to the bitter aftermath of the world war – and beyond. It soon turns out that a previous guest has disappeared without trace, but nobody seems to want an answer to what has happened.

The treatment home on the island is run by the charismatic Uno Leijon (André Eriksen). Other characters include: Vincent (David Nzinga), who is trying to leave his criminal life behind him, Amina (Bahar Pars), a smuggler with addiction problems, Oscar (Daniel Larsson) who struggles with his closed personality, and Gittan (Anja Landgré) whose family has owned the island for over 300 years and who has reluctantly sold the manor to Uno.

Svartsjön is produced by Jarowsky based on an original idea by Ulf Kvensler and directed by Richard Jarnhed and Per Simonsson. The script has been written by Per Simonsson, Lovisa Milles, Moa Herngren, Peter Lindblom and Richard Jarnhed. Producer is Lotta Westberg.





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