The Crimson Rivers, Walter’s new hit?

crimson rivers website

Take one old, powerful family with feudal roots, a gruesome murder and add two charismatic French cops and you have the recipe for the first episode of The Crimson Rivers, Walter Presents new Friday night crime thriller.

Described as “a gripping series set in the realms of sadistic killers, creepy rituals and mysterious incidents”, the series is based on the 2000 movie of the same name and the first episode doesn’t disappoint. High in tension, with an intriguing mystery and two charismatic lead characters in Camille Delauney and Pierre Niémans, this could well be your new French obsession while you impatiently wait for your next Spiral instalment.

“Niémans and Camille are called out all over rural France to solve complex cases which all involve a weird brutality far beyond the capacity of local police departments. The protagonists find themselves infiltrating folktale-like crimes with strong moral and mystical themes, dealing with cults, murder based on family tradition and human sacrifice. An unlikely match Niémans is a reserved, pragmatic and pessimistic old school sleuth, whereas Camille is bold, brave and not afraid of over-stepping the mark, yet together they make a charismatic and driven duo who will stop at nothing to catch a killer.”

With four different cases, The Crimson Rivers is 8 episodes long and is showing weekly on More 4 from Friday 11th January at 9pm.

Is it going to be a hit? Judging by the first episode I would say that’s a ‘oui bien sur!’ So don’t miss it!


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