BBC4 heads to Australia for Safe Harbour

Following the conclusion of Black Lake it looks like BBC4 is taking us back to Australia on Saturday nights from January 26th (TBC) with the
psychological thriller Safe Harbour. The four part 2018 drama set in Brisbane revolves around a group of five friends whose sailing holiday of a lifetime to Indonesia takes an unexpected turn when they come across a boat overloaded with desperate asylum seekers.

And as an extra note, the fact that we’re getting a four part drama, presumably shown in double bills as is the custom on BBC4, fits in nicely with our current favourite theory at Square Eyed World, that we will be getting Trapped 2 in February. By my reckoning February 9th in fact, so cross your fingers or hold your thumbs for that one! All to be confirmed of course but be sure we will keep you posted


4 thoughts on “BBC4 heads to Australia for Safe Harbour

  1. Yes, since i wrote the article it’s been confirmed that Hungarian Film ‘Son Of Saul’ will air on Saturday 26th January. Presumably Safe Harbour will follow on, we shall see!


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