Walter Presents: Deutschland 86 – Martin is back!

On Friday night, Martin Rausch, reluctant hero of Deutschland 83, is back on our screens in the long anticipated sequel, Deutschland 86. As the title would suggest, three years have passed since Martin saved the world from nuclear war but with little reward for his efforts. Well no reward actually, instead he’s been banished to languish in a remote African orphanage. Not for much longer of course because we join the story where Aunt Lenora needs another favour……

1986 presents a very different climate from 1983: communism is crumbling, and it is the beginning of the end. Low on finances and morale, the GDR are forced to be creative in order to keep the socialist dream alive… often at the cost of their principles. When put in charge of a high-stakes arms deal with South Africa, a supposed enemy of the communist state but in this instance, for financial reasons an ally, Lenora and her new sidekick Rose Seithathi know there is only one person they can turn to to complete the deal. However, having been involuntarily exiled to Angola for three years by the State, away from Annett and his son, Martin is not overwhelmingly keen to collaborate with his Aunt again. Will he be able to overcome his pride to save the East? Can mafioso-style Capitalism save Communism in the nick of time?

The second instalment of a planned three-part series based on true events, Deutschland 86 is punctuated by true temporal markers and sees the beginning of the end of East Germany. Struggling to raise funds, the DDR turned to arms deals with their pro-apartheid enemies in South Africa, started taking rubbish from the west for money and began running drug trials in East Germany, bank-rolled by western pharmaceutical companies… all of these events play a key role in forming the storyline.

In addition to an international Emmy, Deutschland 83 garnered an impressive roster of accolades from the Peabody Awards, Seoul International TV Festival, SeriesMania, Golden Camera, German Television Awards, Monte-Carlo International Television Festival and Adolf Grimme Awards.  It has been a huge hit globally and holds the impressive title of most watched premiere for a foreign language drama in UK television history following its launch on Channel 4 three years ago

It may be three years since Martin, Lenora and the Stasi were on our screens but watching the first episode of Deutschland 86 it felt like it was only three weeks ago. All the same ingredients are there, the glorious colours, camera angles, staging and of course, the soundtrack. For Deutschland fans all the early indications are that it was worth the wait.

Deutschland 86 is airing in full on More4 from Friday 8th March at 9pm

Boxset available on Walter Presents via All 4 immediately after the first episode


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