Walter Presents: The Germans are coming – Bad Banks and Helen Dorn

WALTER PRESENTS: BAD BANKS a gripping German crime thriller set in the high-stakes, high octane world of finance. When young banker Jana is unjustly fired from a prestigious bank in Luxembourg her dream role conveniently rolls into her lap… could it be too good to be true? This multi-award-winning release is set to get hearts racing and minds whirring as Jana’s explosive career plummets and peaks through the darker side of the financial world. After being wrongly fired, young and ambitious Jana is quickly recruited by a top competing bank in Frankfurt, thanks to the unexpected help of Christelle Leblanc, her former boss. Leaving her family behind, she moves to Germany where her drive and ambition quickly pay off and she manages to impress her new team and most crucially her new boss, banking supremo Gabriel Fenger. Despite this upwards trajectory and swift success, she soon realises that Leblanc has secretly been manipulating her, to her own advantage. Will Jana survive this merciless power play?

Following huge success in Germany, Bad Banks won a staggering 13 awards following its release in 2018 and was nominated for a further ten, including two Best Actress awards for Paula Beer (Jana Liekam) and two Best Actor award for Barry Atsma (Gabriel Fenger). Fans of Walter Presents may recognise Atsma from his role as Maik Kneefel in the fourth series of Black Widow.

Bad Banks episode 1 premieres on Channel 4 on 4th April at 11pm with the Boxset immediately available on Walter Presents via All 4 afterwards

Walter Presents: Helen Dorn (Anna Loos) is an expert Police Commissioner, who’s years of experience have given her killer instinct when it comes to crime. Fearless and tenacious, her drive and perseverance have won her a reputation for being the best in her field. Despite a robust and resilient exterior, she hides a vulnerable side which is grounded in her past.

On the department head’s orders,  Helen Dorn become involuntary partners with Detective Chief Superintendent Gregor Georgi (Matthias Matschke), with Helen in the role of Georgi’s superior. After initially ruffling some feathers, as Gregor thought he was about to take over a case as head investigator and not confronted with a new superior, the two prove to be a solid pairing: Helen’s famed intuition is matched by Gregor’s rational analysis and precision. But will he be able to unearth her mysterious past? 

All episodes of Helen Dorn launch exclusively on Walter Presents via All 4 on Friday 5th April

4 thoughts on “Walter Presents: The Germans are coming – Bad Banks and Helen Dorn

  1. thanks for heads up Clare ..just started on Helen Dorm…quite good so far…lovely bit upfront when the german cid man, who wants to take the case over, turns to the local detective and says that’s why you have little cars and we have the big ones… so police rivalry seems universal eh

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