The Adulterer premieres and Magnifica 70 and Locked Up return to Walter Presents UK

An exciting few weeks ahead for viewers of Walter Presents in the UK as the service heads to the Netherlands, Brazil and Spain with the UK premiere of the Dutch series The Adulterer being followed by the return of both the Brazilian period drama Magnifica 70 and Spanish prison drama Locked Up.

The Adulterer is set to launch on 28 April with the first episode airing on Channel 4 at 11.00pm and all 12 episodes of season 1 then immediately available on All4.

When Iris and Willem cross paths, sparks fly and they cannot deny the intense chemistry between them… little do they know that their lives will soon become more entangled than they could possibly imagine.

While married to a top prosecutor, with whom she has a young son, photographer Iris van Erkel-Hoegaarde meets Willem Steenhouwer at her exhibition launch. Immediately struck by overwhelming attraction for each other, the pair soon succumb to their feelings and embark on a passionate affair. Around the same time Willem, a respected defence lawyer, is called up to represent a man accused of murder. Unbeknownst to him, the case has also been assigned to prosecutor, and loving husband of Iris, Pepijn van Erkel. Once the lovers realise just how much is at stake, they have some tough decisions to make… or have they already been decided for them?

Familiar faces in the cast include Sylvia Hoeks who plays Iris from Blade Runner 2049, and Fedja van Huêt who plays Willem from Black Widow and The Swingers 2.

The series: original title Overspel, ran for 3 seasons in the Netherlands between 2011 and 2015 and if the basic description seems familiar you may have stumbled on the US remake Betrayal which aired here on 5USA back in 2014. All 3 seasons are currently available on Walter Presents in the US (via the PBS Masterpiece Amazon channel & other platforms) so it’s a safe bet we’ll get all 3 seasons here too.

Season 2 of Brazilian period drama Magnifica 70 will launch on All4 on Friday, 3 May with all 10 episodes of season 2 available immediately. Season 1, which has been available in the UK since May 2016, followed Vicente (Marcos Winter) – a film censor for Brazil’s military dictatorship in 1970s Sao Paulo – as his attraction to adult film star Dora Dumar (Simone Spoladore) saw him get drawn deeper and deeper into that world himself. Season 2 picks up the action 5 years after the dramatic events that conclude season 1.

A third and final season of the series aired in Brazil in late 2018. As an HBO Latin America Original series all episodes are available on HBO on demand if you’re in the US.

The highly anticipated third season of Spanish prison drama Locked Up (Vis a vis) is now confirmed to launch on Channel 4 on Sunday 19 May at 11.15pm.

The first two seasons of the show – which followed finance worker Macarena Ferreiro (Maggie Civantos) as she navigated the many pitfalls of prison life after being locked up for committing fraud following an affair with her boss – aired on Spanish terrestrial television channel Antena 3. They cancelled the series after 2 seasons (24 episodes in Spain, re-edited into 35 more manageable chunks for UK audiences) but luckily for fans FOX España then picked up the show for 2 more seasons of 8 episodes. Like Netflix’s Orange is the New Black – although initially viewing much of the action through the eyes of a newly incarcerated prisoner to whom such a world seems incredibly alien – the drama is very much an ensemble and it’s exciting to see the return of so many wonderful characters. Despite the reference to Orange is the New Black and the similar initial set up new viewers should note that Locked Up is a very different kind of show – much more of an “edge of your seat” kind of thriller.


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