The Weekly List (27 April-3 May)

New world dramas

The Adulterer (Overspel) S1 Walter P. 28/04/2019
Bloom S1 My5 01/05/2019
Magnifica 70 S2 Walter P. 03/05/2019
Undercover S1 Netflix 03/05/2019

Continuing subtitled dramas

Follow the Money S3 BBC4 Sat Ep. 7 & 8 (of 10)
Stella Blómkvist S1 Sundance Now Thu Ep. 5 (of 6)
Deutschland 86 S2 More4(WP) Fri Ep. 9 (of 10)

Other continuing world dramas

The Heart Guy S3 Drama Sun Ep. 9 (of 10)
Murdoch Mysteries S12 Alibi Mon Ep. 16 (of 18)
Rush S4 Alibi Mon to Fri Ep. 2 to 6 (of 13) 
Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries S1 Alibi Wed Ep. 4 (of 8)
The Murders S1 Universal TV Fri Ep. 4 (of 8) 

*Keep reading for more details on all the new world dramas as well as
a separate list of this week’s subtitled free to air films. We’ll have discussion threads for all the major new shows in our Fans of European and World TV Dramas facebook group. If you’re not a member already you’re very welcome to join.

New world dramas – details

The Adulterer (Overspel) S1 Walter P. 28/04/2019
“Powerful Dutch psychological thriller telling a provocative and compelling tale of sex, love, loyalty and treachery that occurs after photographer Iris and lawyer Willem embark on an affair”. Episode 1 is on Channel 4 at 11.00pm with all episodes then immediately available on All4. Trailer.

Bloom S1 My5 01/05/2019
“A year after a devastating flood has killed five locals in an idyllic country town, a mysterious new plant appears. The plant’s phenomenal ability to restore youth is so formidable that attempting to harness it means re-evaluating values”. Trailer.

Magnifica 70 S2 Walter P. 03/05/2019
Season 2 of the Brazilian drama about a film censor with a boring and conventional life who falls in love with the actress playing the lead in an erotic film that he must ban.

Undercover S1 Netflix 03/05/2019
“Undercover agents infiltrate a drug kingpin’s operation by posing as a couple at the campground where he spends his weekends. Inspired by real events”. Trailer.

Subtitled film list (BBC4, Channel 4 & Film 4)

Train to Busan (Korea, 2016) Sat/Sun, Channel 4
The Raid 2 (Indonesia, 2014) Fri/Sat, Film4

We have a facebook discussion group specifically for films where you can discuss these films as well as any others you may have seen recently or just favourites you want to recommend to other fans.  

For details of the new British and US shows starting this week see here.

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