Walter Presents: Code 37 is back

Walter Presents CODE 37: SEX CRIMES, the smash-hit Belgian crime show returns for a second series on More4. Chief Inspector Hannah Maes and her team continue to be confronted with the bizarre, disturbing and sometimes brutal sexual crimes committed in the city of Ghent. With a courageous and steely determination to crack every case, Hannah is uncompromising in her pursuit of justice for every victim but there’s one case that continues to haunt her.

After overcoming the chauvinistic attitudes of her all-male team in the first series, Hannah has now settled in as the head of the unit, earning her team’s respect and loyalty. But just as a new case comes through, Hannah is temporarily suspended for setting up her own private investigation into her mother’s rape and violent assault – a crime she witnessed years earlier. Bob, Charles and Kevin are left to their own devices to investigate the sexual assault of a 74-year-old woman in her home by a masked man, where the only clue is a bunch of red roses. But without Hannah’s firm guidance, they struggle to work effectively.

Desperate to get back to work Hannah reluctantly agrees to a compromise. In return for seeing a psychiatrist and dropping her investigation into her mother’s case, she can continue to head up the Code 37 unit but is that a promise she will really be able to keep or will her troubled memories start to interfere with the day job?

Code 37 airs every Friday night on More4 at 9pm from 17th May with the episodes then also available on demand on Walter Presents/All 4

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