June World Drama Highlights (and full list of releases).

June Highlights

Inspector Montalbano S6 BBC4 01/06/2019
3% S3 Netflix 07/06/2019
Inspector Borowski S2 Walter P. 07/06/2019
Wentworth Prison S7 5Star 08/06/2019
Jinn S1 Netflix 13/06/2019
Black Spot (Zone Blanche) S2 Netflix 14/06/2019
Charité at War (Charité S2) Netflix 14/06/2019
Leila S1 Netflix 14/06/2019
Unit 42 (Unité 42) S1 Netflix 14/06/2019
Gomorrah S4 Sky Atlantic 19/06/2019 
Dark S2 Netflix 21/06/2019 
The Lawyer (Advokaten) S1 Walter P. 23/06/2019 
Bellevue S1 My5 28/06/2019 
Family Business S1 Netflix 28/06/2019 
The Chosen One (O Escolhido) S1 Netflix 28/06/2019

Other June releases

Arthdal Chronicles S1P1 Netflix 01/06/2019 (Weekly episodes) [*]
Private Eyes S1 5USA 05/06/2019 (Freeview Premiere) [*]
A Journey to Meet Love S1 Amazon 07/06/2019
Mind the Malhotras S1 Amazon 07/06/2019
Taekwondo Girl S2 Amazon 07/06/2019
Chief of Staff (Aide) S1 Netflix 14/06/2019 (Weekly episodes) [*]
The Unknown Hitman: The Story of El Cholo Adrian S2 Netflix 14/06/2019 [*]
Yankee S1 Netflix 14/06/2019 [*]
Somewhere Only We Know S1 Netflix 15/06/2019
Lost Girl S4 Pick TV 17/06/2019 (Freeview Premiere)
Roonpi Secret Love S1 Netflix 20/06/2019
Bolivar S1 Netflix 21/06/2019 [*]
Go! Live Your Way (Go! Vive a Tu Manera) S2 Netflix 21/06/2019 [*]
Melodies of Life – Born This Way S1 Netflix 21/06/2019
Answer for Heaven S1 Netflix 27/06/2019
Paquita Salas S3 Netflix 28/06/2019 [*]

The following series (listed alphabetically) have also recently been added to Amazon Prime:
Boy Machine S1
Candle in the Tomb S1
Dostoevsky MS
Drishtibhram S1
Eagle and Youngster S1
Enemy Lines MS
Fake Phoenixes, Male Princess and Female Prince S1
Final Life S1
Godunov S1
Intrusion MS
The Magical Nights of Glorious Tang S1
Marcel Pagnol’s Time of Secrets and Time of Love MS
Moving Mountains S1
Qiao’s Grand Courtyard S1
Siyaasat S1
Switch of Fate S1
Tokyo Alice S1
Trust me S1
Vaidhehi S1
The Wicked Widow (Malvada Viuda) MS
Yeh Jo Hi Zindagi S1

For further details of all the June highlights and of the shows under other releases marked with a [*] I would refer you to our weekly lists of new releases. These lists are published each Friday and cover known new releases for the subsequent seven days. The links relevant to this list are as follows: 1-7 June, 8-14 June, 15-21 June and 22-28 June.

*In the following section: clicking on the series name will usually take you to the imdb page, their mydramalist.com page (most Asian dramas) or their elcinema.com page (Arabic language dramas) and clicking on the name of the channel/streaming platform will take you to where you can watch (Now TV links are preferred for Sky shows) if available at time of posting. Trailers & other links are as indicated by the text. A credit here too for the uknewonnetflix.info and amzprime.maft.uk pages without which it would be just about impossible to keep track of the many new additions to the relevant streaming services that receive just about zero pre-promotion.

Other June releases – details

A Journey to Meet Love S1 Amazon 07/06/2019
“A white-collar worker, Li Xin Yue, bids a valuable painting in an auction. This move draws police force attention. An undercover cop, Jin Xiao Tian, is assigned to investigate this hidden story behind the art. Unfortunately, the road along the way is quite bumpy. Criminal gangs and other obstacles are after them due to the secret behind the painting”. Chinese drama.

Mind the Malhotras S1 Amazon 07/06/2019
“The Malhotras are a couple going through mid-life marital crisis. Their nok-jhoks seem endless even as marriages around them are falling apart. With two teenage daughters, a notorious son, and an annoying mother in law, life isn’t getting any easier for Rishabh and Shefali. As a therapist tries to make sense of it, we get a sneak into the hilarious yet relatable story of this modern Indian couple”. A Prime Original series from India.

Taekwondo Girl (The Whirlwind Girl 2) S2 Amazon 07/06/2019
“Can a young woman regain her passion for martial arts?Qi Bai Cao was adopted and raised by a taekwondo master after a childhood fire killed her parents. After losing her beloved mentor and a national competition ends badly, Bai Cao loses her motivation to continue training and competing.Can Bai Cao find the courage to compete again?” Chinese drama.

Somewhere Only We Know S1 Netflix 15/06/2019
“A language major bickers with — and falls for — a doctoral student as she navigates the ups and downs of love and friendship with college classmates”. Chinese drama.

Lost Girl S4 Pick TV 17/06/2019 (Freeview Premiere)
The Canadian supernatural drama, which follows bisexual succubus Bo as she navigates the Fae world with the help of her human friend Kenzi, continues its freeview run on Pick TV airing from Monday to Friday at 8.00pm. There are 5 seasons. Trailer.

Roonpi Secret Love S1 Netflix 20/06/2019
“High school senior Belle pursues a shy junior boy. Dog-phobic Emma meets a handsome veterinary surgeon. Baking blogger Mielle falls for her critic”. Thai anthology drama.

Melodies of Life – Born This Way S1 Netflix 21/06/2019
“A celebrated pastry chef and his fellow staff members at a bake shop embark on bittersweet adventures in love, work and friendship”. Thai drama.

Answer for Heaven (Kham Tob Samrab Sawan) S1 Netflix 27/06/2019
“An angel falls to earth to investigate why humans are doing fewer good deeds — and falls in with a hard-charging crime reporter and his news team”. Thai drama.

Boy Machine S1 Amazon
“Eighteen years ago they were the biggest boyband in the world. Now it’s time to reunite”. Swedish comedy.

Candle in the Tomb S1 Amazon
“There is an old Chinese saying, “A human lights the candle and the ghosts blow it out.” Hu Ba Yi is well versed in Feng Shui with specialization in tomb configuration, which he learned from an antique book he inherited from his family. The knowledge saved him when he fell into a ditch in a snow avalanche in Tibet”. Chinese drama.

Dostoevsky MS Amazon
“Khotinenko’s classic film based on the unconventional life of the mysterious and tragic Russian writer Dostoevsky is a study in contrast. Disdained by authorities, he had the grace of a sovereign. Both loving and jealous, rejoicing and suffering, Dostoevsky the man was a living, breathing paradox”. Russian drama.

Drishtibhram S1 Amazon
“A criminal psychologist Awantika Sinha, profiles a serial killer Shivam Bhargav. As she proceeds, she realises that she is caught up in the middle of the ultimate quest of right and wrong”. Indian web drama.

Eagle and Youngster S1 Amazon
“Zhang Bao Qing begins a dangerous journey to find an antidote to save his teacher Lu Guohua and travels to a faraway snowy land full of pitfalls, where he makes friends with a group of hunters”. Chinese drama adapted from the novel written by Tian Xia Ba Chang”.

Enemy Lines MS Amazon
“Having seized the water station located on the Dniester in the village of Belyaevka, the fascists deprive besieged Odessa of a stable water supply. At the same time, a Russian soldier of Russian origin, Andrei, is captured by the Russians, who before the war defended his diploma in capturing this very water station”. Russian drama.

Fake Phoenixes, Male Princess and Female Prince S1 Amazon
“Ye Qingge, the “prince” of Xuan Station, and Su Yu, the “princess” of Bei Chu Station, get married for political. When they know some skeletons in the closet of each other, their funny marriage life begins, from hurting each other to allies, then falling in love. other side, Xie Qingyun, the boyfriend of Ye Qingge in childhood appears, with a secret of Qingge and the last Palace Intrigue history”. Chinese drama.

Final Life S1 Amazon
“Shota Matsuda and Taemin (SHINee) are co-stars for the first time! Two men with completely different backgrounds meet and solve harrowing cases together as part of a secret “Special Unit” within the police force. One man harbors an extremely sad past while the other comes from a wealthy family; he undergoes a horrible brain experiment in the United States, which gives him amnesia”. Prime Original from Japan initially released in 2017 and recently released internationally.

Godunov S1 Amazon
“The mysterious death of the rightful heir ends the rule of the ancient dynasty, leading to a power struggle. The mystery of Godunov’s rise to power, deceitful conspiracies, and destruction of his whole family are unveiled in this major saga about the destiny of the most ambiguous tsar in Russian history”. 

Intrusion MS Amazon
“Philippe is a rising pianist. An obsessive and compulsive man, he works hard to prepare for a series of concerts at the Strasburg opera. His organized and neat world falls apart on the day of his 40th birthday. Philippe is no longer in control and slowly tumbles into a world governed by his fears and his anguish, but most of all by a traumatic event that he has buried down deep for over 30 years”. French drama.

The Magical Nights of Glorious Tang (An Oriental Odyssey) S1 Amazon
“Ye Yuan An is the daughter of the Assistant Minister of Revenue during the Tang Dynasty. Somewhat of an amateur sleuth, Yuan An loves solving mysteries and constantly in competition with Zhao Lan Zhi , a police officer who is trying to do his job.Yuan An has the assistance of Mu Le , a young man she took in as a family servant after saving him from danger”. Chinese drama.

Marcel Pagnol’s Time of Secrets and Time of Love MS Amazon
“Based on Marcel Pagnol’s childhood memoirs, a riveting account of his teenage years during Marcel’s final vacations in Provence before starting high school. There, amongst the farewells he is bound to say, he waves goodbye to many childhood habits and starts discovering the complex world of adults. Lies, betrayals, forbidden affairs and much more, start to unveil to the young Marcel”. French drama.

Moving Mountains S1 Amazon
“It is a traditional Chinese fairy tale about hard work and determination. In about 2000 years ago, the people in Shi Feng Village of Da Zhi Empire were living a miserable and rough life as the two hills were blocking their ways to the major cities. Yu Gong, a man in the village did not wish to see the town suffer anymore, so he led his family and villagers to attempt to dig and remove the hills”.

Qiao’s Grand Courtyard S1 Amazon
“The series chronicles the life of late Qing Dynasty financier and businessman Qiao Zhiyong, the most famous member of the Qiao Family from Shanxi, China. It started during the reign of the Xianfeng Emperor when Qiao Zhiyong, a young scholar, leaves for Beijing for the imperial examination. The death of his sick elder brother forces Zhiyong to return home without sitting for the papers”. Chinese drama.

Siyaasat S1 Amazon
“Based on the book ‘The Twentieth Wife’ by Indu Sundaresan, Siyaasat is a story of politics, inter-personal conflicts, sabotage, grandeur, power and above all else, the love between Salim and Mehrunissa, Salim’s final wife. From their first meeting until their coronations as Jehangir and Nur-Jahan, witness the drama and intrigue that was a part of the royal lifestyle and their romance”. Indian drama.

Switch of Fate S1 Amazon
“Rendong is the daughter of the famous doctor Gu Feng . When Gu Feng accidentally drowns, the family blames his death on their butler, Fang Cheng .Feeling betrayed by the family he has loyally served, Fang Cheng decides to switch his illegitimate daughter, Gu Qianwei , with Rendong.Her life of privilege and comfort was stolen from her”. Chinese drama.

Tokyo Alice S1 Amazon
“This is the story of the real-life, high-end romances of four former classmates. It follows the love, work and interests of the four protagonists, Fu, Mizuho, Sayuri and Ryo. Amazon Original “Tokyo Alice” Author: Toriko Chiya (Kodansha “Kiss”)” Another Prime Original from Japan initially released in 2017 and recently released internationally.

Trust me S1 Amazon
“Everything seems to be rosy in Kate and Max’s life – a happy marriage and a beloved son, Ivan… However, it all comes crashing down when Ivan suddenly falls ill. Kate and Max are trying to do everything to save their son, however it is not easy. And it’s only when they realise that they have to act together as a family, they will eventually succeed”. Russian drama.

Vaidhehi S1 Amazon
“This is a story of an advocate searching reason for his wife death. When Subramanyam is on his way to solve the mystery, he finds a similar case of his neighbors. Suspicious deaths of four friends one by one drags his (Subramanyam ) concentration. How Subramanyam finds out the mystery behind the deaths and takes control over the situations and saves the rest of their friend’s lives is VADIHEHI”. Indian web series.

The Wicked Widow (Malvada Viuda) MS Amazon
“The beautiful wife of a powerful drug lord starts a relationship with another man. Tired of the jealousy of her husband, she and her lover plan to murder him”. Drama from the Dominican Republic.

Yeh Jo Hi Zindagi S1 Amazon
“A married man Ranjit Verma lives a middle-class lifestyle with his wife Renu and his unmarried brother-in-law Raja. With a dash of humour and relatability, this popular 80s sitcom follows their routine life as the trio faces a different, hilarious life situation in every episode”. Classic Indian sitcom.


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