BBC Four announces premiere date for Below the Surface with Spiral also due “very soon”.

BBC Four have announced that season two of Danish hostage drama Below the Surface (Gidseltagningen) will premiere on Saturday 3 August.

The cast is still led by Johannes Lassen who plays Philip Nørgaard but season 2 features a brand new story. When June al-Baqee, a newly returned foreign fighter, who fought against ISIS in Syria, is kidnapped: Philip, who is currently on leave, is the only one who seems to believe she’s really in danger.

The season two cast also includes: Søren Pilmark, Søren Malling, Helle Fagralid, Ola Rapace, Esben Dalgaard, Alexandre Willaume, Henning Jensen, Elsebeth Steentoft, Lise Risom Olsen, Peder Thomas Pedersen and Ali Sivandi.

Looking ahead a little, the seventh season of one of BBC Four’s most beloved imports Spiral (Engrenages) is rumoured to be coming “very soon” for BBC Four viewers. That snippet comes from none other than Caroline Proust (Laure Berthaud) on her own facebook page. Nothing official yet from BBC Four and – as Below the Surface is eight episodes – the earliest possible date would be 31 August. Six weeks of Spiral would be a lovely way to start the autumn season so fingers crossed that date – or a date within a week or so of it – is confirmed very soon.

Meanwhile here’s a trailer to get you in the mood for Below the Surface. It’s via the Lumière Benelux youtube channel so no English subtitles unfortunately but it’s mostly action in any case.


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