Walter Presents: No Second Chance

WALTER PRESENTS: NO SECOND CHANCE, a French thriller based on the novel by multi award winning author Harlan Coben.

When Dr Alice Lambert wakes up in a hospital after 8 days in a coma, she finds that her life has taken a drastic turn. She has been shot, her husband killed and her daughter, Tara, abducted. One afternoon she receives a phone call and a package containing a piece of Tara’s clothing; the abductors are asking for 1 million euros in exchange for her baby with one single rule: no police involvement. Suspected by the police herself and realising her child’s future now lies in her hands, she embarks on a desperate hunt for her daughter with the help of her ex-lover, Richard. As one single mistake could have dramatic consequences, Alice has to tread carefully. However, burdened with pressure
from the police, threats from the kidnappers and trouble with her sister, can she keep herself together and just how far is she willing to go to save her child?

American novelist Harlan Coben executive produced this series , picking up Best Television Series at Festival de la Fiction TV and Best Foreign TV Series at the Shanghai International TV Festival. In the novel the lead character was a father, but he was so impressed with French star Alexandra Lamy’s acting ability that Coben adapted the
lead role especially for her.

The first episode only is on Channel 4 on the 18th August at 11:10pm with the full 6 episode Boxset available immediately afterwards on Walter Presents via All 4.

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