Walter Presents: Guardian Of The Castle

WALTER PRESENTS: GUARDIAN OF THE CASTLE Christmas Eve 1977. Croatian secret agent Dragi is tasked with assassinating an entire family who are endangering the communist regime. Despite the fact that his target is a personal friend, Dragi executes his mission with unflinching efficiency.

Eight years later, Dragi gets a new mission to assassinate a target in Germany, but this time things go horribly wrong. The man he’s meant to kill is kidnapped at the last-minute, seconds before Dragi was about to pull the trigger. Is it a kidnap or have the German secret service been secretly tipped off? Set in the political turmoil of the cold war, this is a world laden with betrayal, paranoia and switching loyalties. The old guard are under threat like never before and only the most ruthless will survive.

This is an elegant, slow burning thriller, from a rarely seen historical perspective. Beautifully framed, Guardian of the Castle is latent with tension punctuated with shocking violent scenes. All fans of ‘The Lives of Others’ (Walter’s favourite film) and cold war thrillers will relish this unusual spy thriller.

Viewers may recognise Goran Bogdan, starring as Zeman, from popular American TV series Fargo. Lead actor Ivo Gregurevic (who died earlier this year) was a hugely successful actor in Croatia winning five best actor awards at the Pula film festival.

The full boxset is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 6th September


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