Walter Presents: Detective Cain

WALTER PRESENTS: CAIN, a French crime drama with a difference. Meet Cain, a maverick cop with bags of charm who just happens to be in a wheelchair – a fact he isn’t afraid of exploiting and using to his advantage at any opportunity. Cain does nothing by the book and is prepared to break all the rules on his hunt for Marseilles’ most prolific and serious criminals.

Seriously injured in the line of duty, Cain has not lost his love of flashy sports cars and beautiful women. Captain Fred Cain is a fast mover, spinning circles around his suspects, showing up when they least expect it, using his disability to break with convention and occasionally even the law. When a murdered body in the morgue is linked to a crime from years ago, Cain turns to former detective Allard who was the lead on the original investigation. Regretful of having possibly imprisoned the wrong suspect and now tormented by terminal cancer, Allard is determined to redeem himself before his time is up. However, as the bodies begin to pile up Cain’s digging into the past throws up some unforeseen consequences…

Cain is a smash hit series in France where it is now on its seventh series. One of France’s best loved actors, viewers may recognise Bruno Debrandt as Commissioner Brémont from the French hit TV series Spiral.

The full boxset (8 episodes) is available to stream exclusively on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 6th September.

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