August World Drama Highlights (and full list of releases).

August Highlights

The Teacher S1 Walter P. 02/08/2019
Below the Surface S2 BBC4 03/08/2019
Dollar S1 Netflix 08/08/2019
Cable Girls (Las chicas del cable) S4 Netflix 09/08/2019
Thou Shalt Not Kill S1 More4(WP) 09/08/2019
Sacred Games S2 Netflix 14/08/2019
Pulse S1 My5 15/08/2019
45 rpm (45 Revoluciones) S1 Netflix 16/08/2019
Better Than Us S1 Netflix 16/08/2019
Green Frontier S1 Netflix 16/08/2019
Victim Number 8 S1 Netflix 16/08/2019
No Second Chance MS Walter P. 18/08/2019
Love Alarm S1 Netflix 22/08/2019
Darkness: Those Who Kill S1 BBC4 31/08/2019

Other August releases

The Naked Director S1 Netflix 08/08/2019 [*]
Sintonia S1 Netflix 09/08/2019 [*]
Til Death Do Us Part S1 Netflix 15/08/2019
El Juego de las Llaves S1 Amazon 16/08/2019
La Reina del Sur S2 Netflix 16/08/2019 [*]
The King’s Avatar S1 Netflix 16/08/2019
Murdoch Mysteries S11 Drama 24/08/2019 (Freeview Premiere)
Workin’ Moms S3 Netflix 29/08/2019 [*]
The Good Bandit S1 Netflix 30/08/2019 [*]

The following series (listed alphabetically) have also recently been added to Amazon Prime. They include any subtitled shows in the “added in the last 60 days” section of prime which haven’t appeared on a previous monthly list.

Aap ki Kaneez S1
Anatomy of a Murder MS
Bashir Momin S1
Best Lover S1
Cafe Blue Lady MS
Cocktail Diaries S1
Dekho Chand Aaya S1
Godunov S2
Haasil S1
Heer S1
Kaanch Ki Gurya S1
Manchali S1
Mangoes S3
Meant to Be S1
The Mine Inferno MS
Naagin S4
The One That Got Away S1
Organic Darling MS
Phantom S1
Qianlong Dynasty S1
Under Military Law S1
The Undertakers MS
Unforgiven MS
Victor Magtanggol S1
Yaar e Bewafa S1

For further details of all the August highlights and of the shows under other releases marked with a [*] I would refer you to our weekly lists of new releases. These lists are published each Friday and cover known new releases for the subsequent seven days. The links relevant to this list are as follows: 27 July-2 August, 3-9 August, 10-16 August, 17-23 August and 31 August-6 September.

*In the following section: clicking on the series name will usually take you to the imdb page, their page (most Asian dramas) or their page (Arabic language dramas) and clicking on the name of the channel/streaming platform will take you to where you can watch (Now TV links are preferred for Sky shows) if available at time of posting. Trailers & other links are as indicated by the text. A credit here too for the page without which it would be just about impossible to keep track of the many new Netflix additions that receive just about zero pre-promotion.

Other August releases

Til Death Do Us Part S1 Netflix 15/08/2019
“Based on the speculative short stories of MirrorFiction, this sci-fi thriller anthology plunges headlong into our deepest desires — and darkest fears”. Taiwanese anthlogy series.

El Juego de las Llaves S1 Amazon 16/08/2019
“A casual encounter between Adriana and Sergio, two former high school friends, triggers the beginning of the game of the keys where 4 couples generate new sexual and emotional combinations in a dangerous and lustful game”. New Amazon original series from Mexico.

The King’s Avatar S1 Netflix 16/08/2019
“When an elite gamer is forced out of his professional team, he becomes a manager of an Internet café and reinvents himself to return to online glory”. Chinese drama.

Murdoch Mysteries S11 Drama 24/08/2019 (Freeview Premiere)
Freeview premiere for the 11th season of the popular Canadian crime drama which sees Detective William Murdoch investigate crimes in late 19th century/early 20th century Toronto.

Aap ki Kaneez S1 Amazon
“Shah Mir Afandi lives in the past with the memories of his beloved late wife. But his marriage to Kaneez changes everything”. Urdu language drama.

Anatomy of a Murder (Prípad pro exorcistu) MS Amazon
“Detectives from a police crime department investigate the most bizarre and shocking murders. As the unit investigates the crimes, they soon expose shocking cases such as exorcising rituals, deep corruption, betrayals and multimillion robberies”. Czech crime drama.

Bashir Momin S1 Amazon
“Revolving around the life of a Gangster and all those who whose lives are effected by him, Bashir Momin is the story of power, greed, lost innocence and romance”. Urdu language drama.

Best Lover S1 Amazon
“Romance drama that hit the jackpot with 1,2 billion view in China. It is a story about two top celebrities in Korea, making a fake marriage with their own secret agendas. Hwan-yeong needs to marry to inherit her dad’s fortune and Pil-seo needs to marry to protect his girl.Through their efforts to defend their secret in public, they learn about each other and finally fall in love together”. Chinese drama.

Cafe Blue Lady MS Amazon
“It ‘s a heartwarming family drama in the beautiful seaside town that make you feel impressed. Hae-ju who doesn’t have a good relation with father, left Hometown, came back home after hearing that her mother is in the hospital because of illness. Her mother has lived alone, managing the cafe “blue lady”, asked her daughter and husband to manage the cafe in order to reconcile the two”. Korean drama.

Cocktail Diaries S1 Amazon
“A Rom-Com-Drama Web Series based on the lives of Non Resident Indians (NRIs) at various phases of life. Three stories run in parallel, peeking into the lives of Arjun – a software engineer, Ramya – a newly married working woman and Vasundhara – a stay home mom. Their everyday life and the conflicts that brought them to the cliff hanging point forms the essence of this season”. Telugu language drama set in the US.

Dekho Chand Aaya S1 Amazon
“Dekho Chand Aya is the story of star crossed lovers, Chand and Hassan. When a misunderstanding between the two makes them drift apart, Hassan’s sister-in-law uses this to bring Chand back home for her own purposes. Will Chand and Hassan’s union survive this rift?” Urdu language drama.

Godunov S2 Amazon
“The mysterious death of the rightful heir ends the rule of the ancient dynasty, leading to a power struggle. The mystery of Godunov’s rise to power, deceitful conspiracies, and destruction of his whole family are unveiled in this major saga about the destiny of the most ambiguous tsar in Russian history”. 

Haasil S1 Amazon
“Haasil is the story of Rimsha and Hareem whose differing world views and life experiences cause an unexpected rift when one friend accuses the other of being promiscuous”. Urdu language drama.

Heer S1 Amazon
“A rebel at heart, Heer wants to help the women in her village to take ownership of their lives. There are those who don’t want her to succeed”. Urdu language drama.

Kaanch Ki Gurya S1 Amazon
“Based on the life of an orphaned girl named Manaal, Kaanch Ki Guriya is the coming of age story of the resilience and strength of one woman in the face of suffering”. Urdu language drama. 

Manchali S1 Amazon
“With two extremely contrasting personalities, sisters Ambreen and Afsheen are forced by circumstance to clash as they take on new challenges”. Urdu language family drama that first aired on Geo Entertainment in 2016.

Mangoes S3 Amazon
“Mangoes is a multilingual South Asian Canadian series presenting Canada as the place where cultures from around the world live in harmony. Each slice of MANGOES is sweet and tangy, whether its Sami the job seeker, Asha the bold and beautiful or Rakay with an identity crises”.

Meant to Be S1 Amazon
“Billie has issues in life. Her parents are not in good terms and her brother Bats is jobless. Her friendship with her best friend will be put to the test when she meets four guys of different nationalities who will compete against each other for her love”. Romantic comedy/drama from the Phillipines. (118 episodes).

The Mine Inferno (Dukla 61) MS Amazon
“Petr drops out of Mine Engineering College and moves back to the family home with a pregnant girlfriend, much to his parents’ disappointment. Unwilling to be a burden on his family, He decides to follow his father underground in the mine he works as a major disaster is about to happen”. Czech drama based on true events.

Naagin S4 Amazon
“Naagin is a Pakistani supernatural episodic television series which started airing in April, 2017 on Geo Kahani”. Season 4 on Amazon is episodes 91-120 (of 237 in total).

The One That Got Away S1 Amazon
“A story about three women, Alex, Zoe and Darcy, who formed an unlikely friendship after discovering that in different times in their lives, they were romantically linked with the same guy, Liam”. Romantic comedy/drama from the Phillipines. (88 episodes).

Organic Darling (Farming Academy) MS Amazon
“It ‘s a fresh student’s pure romance and growth story against beautiful nature. Han-byeol wants to be a actor, but she gives up her dream and goes into Farming University because her family can’t afford college registration fee. At first, She hates farming University, but during she falls in love with Juseok and raises the plant with new friends, she have a passion for farming”. Korean miniseries. The English in the description for this is so bad I’m wondering if it’s a show that has been added illegally (youtube style) rather than being a legitimate Amazon title.

Phantom S1 Amazon
“In a mental health facility, an unknown man comes to his senses. He doesn’t remember anything. Nobody knows how he turned up here. It is only known that his name is Ivan, he has been in the clinic for a year, all this time under powerful antidepressants. Only the director of the clinic knows the truth about his situation, but he mysteriously dies the same day Ivan regains consciousness”. Ukrainian drama.

Qianlong Dynasty S1 Amazon
“Emperor Qianglong,the most-long-lived and legendary emperor of China,was talented with diversified abilities and proud of great achievement of consolidating his feudalist imperial”. Chinese drama from 2003 which for some reason Amazon are presenting in six marathon (4 to 5 hour) episodes. It was originally 40x45m.

Under Military Law S1 Amazon
“It is July 1941, and the Nazis are advancing towards Kiev at great speed. As the situation in the city becomes more tense and untenable, Ivan Rokotov’s job, as senior investigator at the Kiev Military Prosecutor’s Office, becomes much busier”. Russian drama”.

The Undertakers MS Amazon
“Sang-jo who has a superpower to see the death’s soul, quitted the detective and he ‘s working for undertaker. His ability makes him to investigate the truth behind people’s deaths. One day, A high school girl, Se-eun leaps to her death from the high building. Sang-jo doubts about her suicide and starts investigation that case, and he finds out unexpected secrets behind her death…” Korean mini-series.

Unforgiven (Aurore) MS Amazon
“Two girls cross their paths at a crime scene. One is guilty. The other is a witness. Years later, when their paths cross again, it all resurfaces. Who will be the victim this time? Who will be the culprit? Can one ever escape the past?” French drama.

Victor Magtanggol S1 Amazon
“The story revolves around Victor, an ordinary man entrusted with an extraordinary mission that will challenge all aspects of his life”. Super hero drama from the Phillipines. (80 episodes).

Yaar e Bewafa S1 Amazon
“Yaar e Bewafa is a Pakistani romantic drama serial that highlights the struggles of a middle class couple”. Urdu language drama. 

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