The Weekly List (7-13 September)

New world dramas

Arthdal Chronicles S1P2 Netflix 07/09/2019
Marianne S1 Netflix 13/09/2019
Monarca S1 Netflix 13/09/2019

Continuing subtitled dramas

Darkness: Those Who Kill S2 BBC4 Ep. 3 & 4 (of 8)
False Flag S2 FOX UK Sun Ep. 7 (of 8)
Der Pass S1 Sky Atlantic Wed Ep. 7 (of 8)
Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung S1 Netflix Wed & Thu Ep. 17 & 18 (of 18)
Thou Shalt Not Kill S1 More4 Fri Ep. 6 (of 6)

Other continuing world dramas

Private Eyes S3 Universal Mon Ep. 11 (of 12) 
Harrow S2 Alibi Tue Ep. 9 (of 10) 
X Company S2 History Wed Ep. 2 (of 10)

New world dramas – details

Arthdal Chronicles S1P2 Netflix 07/09/2019
“In a mythical land called Arth, the inhabitants of the ancient city of Arthdal and its surrounding regions vie for power as they build a new society”. This Korean drama is actually split into three six episode sections and this is the final six episodes which will be released twice weekly (on Saturday & Sunday) for the next 3 weeks.

Marianne S1 Netflix 13/09/2019
“Lured back to her hometown, a famous horror writer discovers that the evil spirit who plagues her dreams is now wreaking havoc in the real world”.

Monarca S1 Netflix 13/09/2019
“After 20 years, Ana María returns to Mexico and vies for control of her family’s tequila empire as it threatens to crumble under corruption and secrets”. The embedded trailer below has no English subtitles – follow the Netflix link above for a subtitled version.

Subtitled film list (BBC4, Channel 4 & Film 4)

Good Morning Karachi (Pakistan, 2011) Sat/Sun, BBC2
The Broken Circle Breakdown (Belgium, 2012) Mon/Tue, Film4
The Brand New Testament (Belgium, 2015) Tue/Wed, C4
[REC] 3: Genesis (Spain, 2012) Fri/Sat, Film4

For details of the new British and US shows starting this week see here.

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