Spiral is back! Finally!

Exciting news as we finally have a trailer for season 7 of the popular French crime drama. No confirmed date yet but Saturday, 5 October is the most probable. We expect it a week either side of that in any case and will obviously let you know as soon as it’s confirmed. EDIT: confirmed for Saturday 12th October!

SPOILERS for season six ahead so stop reading now if you’re behind.

So where did we leave our (flawed) heroes last time? Tintin had quit the team after finding out about Gilou’s indiscrections, Joséphine was in jail under suspicion of the attempted murder of her rapist, Judge Roban had finally agreed to the operation needed to (hopefully) save his life and Laure had scarpered from the hospital and baby Romy leaving poor Gilou holding that teddy bear.

Photo from Canal+

Season 7 begins with a double homicide in a Chinese restaurant located in the district of Belleville. Berthaud and Gilou are assigned to investigate.

Caroline Proust, Thierry Godard, Philippe Duclos and Audrey Fleurot all return for the new episodes. Whether we see Fred Bianconi (Tintin) again is a case of wait & see. We do know that Bruno Debrandt (Brémont), Nicolas Briançon (Herville), Valentin Merlet (Beckriche) and Louis-Do de Lencquesaing (Edelman) all return in some capacity. We also know that Tewfik Jallab joins the cast as new regular Ali Amrani.

Tewfik Jallab (Ali Amrani) Copyright Caroline Dubois / Son et Lumière / Canal+

Here’s the trailer – which aired on BBC Four last Saturday night and is now available online as well.

So it is avec plaisir that we’re now able to say that Spiral, season 7, is coming very soon to Saturday nights on BBC4

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