October World Drama Highlights (and full list of releases).

October Highlights

The Border S2 Walter P. 04/10/2019
The Hook Up Plan S2 Netflix 11/10/2019
The Name of the Rose S1 BBC2 11/10/2019
Spiral S7 BBC4 12/10/2019
Baby S2 Netflix 18/10/2019
The House of Flowers S2 Netflix 18/10/2019
Toon S1+2 Netflix 18/10/2019
Night and Day S2 Walter P. 20/10/2019
Stockholm Requiem S1 S4C Clic (WP) 22/10/2019
Brotherhood S1 Netflix 25/10/2019
Drug Squad: Costa del Sol S1 Netflix 25/10/2019
Nowhere Man S1 Netflix 31/10/2019

Other October releases

Cheese in the Trap S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
Chicago Typewriter S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
College Romance S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
Engineering Girls S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
Girls Hostel S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
Inmates S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
Signal S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
The K2 S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
The Liar and His Lover S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
Tunnel S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
El Dragon: Return of a Warrior S1 Netflix 04/10/2019
My Country: The New Age S1 Netflix 04/10/2019 [*]
The Lies Within S1 Netflix 12/10/2019 [*]
The Cul De Sac S1 BBC3online 14/10/2019
Black Money Love S1 Netflix 15/10/2019
Another Miss Oh S1 Netflix 16/10/2019
Second 20’s S1 Netflix 16/10/2019
Chosen S2 Netflix 17/10/2019
The Yard P1 Netflix 18/10/2019 [*]
A Little Thing Called First Love S1 Netflix 25/10/2019
Monzon: A Knockout Blow S1 Netflix 25/10/2019
The Untamed S1 Netflix 25/10/2019
Frankie Drake Mysteries S2 Drama 26/10/2019 (Freeview Premiere) [*]
Wait, My Youth S1 Netflix 27/10/2019
Slasher: Solstice S3 Pick TV 28/10/2019 [*]
Tunnel S1 Netflix 29/10/2019
Bring It On, Ghost S1 Netflix 30/10/2019
Sleepless Society: Bedtime Wishes S1 Netflix 30/10/2019
Tomorrow With You S1 Netflix 30/10/2019
Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories S2 Netflix 31/10/2019 [*]
Pure S1+2 Virgin 31/10/2019 [*]

The following series (listed alphabetically) have also recently been added to Amazon Prime. 

Absolution MS
Blackstone S1-5
Blossom in Heart S1
Brothers by Choice MS
The Citadel MS
Clown S1
Confucius MS
Direct Flight S1
The Disguiser S1
Explore with the Note S1
Fallout MS
The Fatal Mission S1
Fireflies S1
Genghis Khan S1
Hiddat S1
Jonah MS
Legacy S1
Legend of Fuyao S1
Legend of the Phoenix S1
Legend of Yun Xi S1
Love Better Than Immortality S1
My Little Baby S1
Noor Jahan S1-2
Our Glamorous Time S1
Proof S1
Red Line MS
Satisfaction S1
Super Ma’am S1
Tseng Guo-fan S1

For further details of all the October highlights and of the shows under other releases marked with a [*] I would refer you to our weekly lists of new releases. These lists are published each Friday and cover known new releases for the subsequent seven days. The links relevant to this list are as follows: 28 September – 4 October, 5-11 October, 12-18 October, 19-25 October, 26 October – 1 November.

*In the following section: clicking on the series name will usually take you to the imdb page, their mydramalist.com page (most Asian dramas) or their elcinema.com page (Arabic language dramas) and clicking on the name of the channel/streaming platform will take you to where you can watch (Now TV links are preferred for Sky shows) if available at time of posting. Trailers & other links are as indicated by the text. A credit here too for the uknewonnetflix.info page without which it would be just about impossible to keep track of the many new Netflix additions that receive just about zero pre-promotion.

Other October releases – details

Cheese in the Trap S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
“In this adaptation of a popular webtoon, a poor student trying to navigate college life gains the attention of a wealthy upperclassman with a dark side”. Korean drama.

Chicago Typewriter S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
“A veterinarian and two writers have a mysterious connection to Korean independence fighters from the Japanese colonial period”. Korean drama.

College Romance S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
“Three best friends look for love, laughs and some lifelong memories while attending college together”. Indian comedy drama.

Engineering Girls S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
“Three engineering students deal with dorm drama, date around, and do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true”. Indian comedy.

Girls Hostel S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
“Four girls from different backgrounds become unlikely friends when they move into a dormitory for female dental students”. Indian drama.

Inmates S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
“While living under one roof, five close-knit 20-somethings maneuver the highs and lows of friendship, romantic entanglements and finding themselves”. Indian comedy.

Signal S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
“Communicating via a walkie-talkie that transcends time, a profiler from 2015 and a detective from 1989 join forces to tackle crimes and injustice”. Korean drama.

The K2 S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
“A fugitive soldier gets swept up in personal and political intrigue when he’s hired as a bodyguard for the family of a presidential candidate”. Korean drama.

The Liar and His Lover S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
“A talented singer falls in love at first sight with a music prodigy who has an affinity for lies — and a knack for being a hit-making producer”. Korean drama.

Tunnel S1 Netflix 01/10/2019
“While chasing a serial murderer, a detective ends up 30 years in the future, where he tries to solve the case alongside new partners”. Korean drama.

El Dragon: Return of a Warrior S1 Netflix 04/10/2019
“To replace his grandfather as head of a cartel, a Tokyo financier returns to his home country of Mexico, where he must battle two rivals for control”. Mexican drama branded as a Netflix Original series.

The Cul De Sac S1 BBC3online 14/10/2019
“Rose wakes in her warm bed, in her lovely house, in her perfect cul­-de­-sac, on what she thinks is a normal day”. YA drama from New Zealand. There are three seasons in total, which should all appear on the iPlayer at some point.

Black Money Love (Kara Para Ask) S1 Netflix 15/10/2019
“After a cop’s fiancée and a jewelry designer’s father are found dead together, the two bereaved ones face a perilous aftermath of a theft gone wrong”. This popular Turkish drama ran for 54 episodes domestically. Given the length of Turkish tv episodes that translates into 164 more regular length episodes on Netflix.

Another Miss Oh S1 Netflix 16/10/2019
“A sound director who suddenly starts getting visions of someone else’s future gets mired in the lives of two women, who happen to share the same name”. Korean drama.

Second 20’s (Twenty Again) S1 Netflix 16/10/2019
“Facing major changes, a mother realizes it’s time to live for herself and decides to enroll in college, where she finds her dream as well as new love”. Korean drama.

Chosen S2 Netflix 17/10/2019
“When a mysterious box arrives at his door, a doctor and father is forced to participate in a twisted killing game, or risk losing everything”. Chinese drama.

A Little Thing Called First Love S1 Netflix 25/10/2019
“A shy, artistic student develops a crush on a classmate with a knack for basketball and embarks on a journey of self-discovery through college”. Chinese drama. New episodes are being added weekly – though unusually for shows released this way the series isn’t currently branded as a Netflix Original.

Monzón: A Knockout Blow S1 Netflix 25/10/2019
“This dramatization tells the story of Argentine boxing champion Carlos Monzón, as well as the investigation into the death of his wife Alicia Muñiz”. Argentinian drama branded as a Netflix Original series.

The Untamed S1 Netflix 25/10/2019
“In a magical world of inter-clan rivalry, two soulmates face treacherous schemes and uncover a dark mystery linked to a tragic event in the past”. Chinese fantasy drama.

Wait, My Youth (My Youth) S1 Netflix 27/10/2019
“Six hopeful friends journey into adulthood to create the moments that pull them together, draw them apart and make them fall in love”. Chinese drama.

Tunnel S1 Netflix 29/10/2019
“A detective finds himself 30 years in the future and must solve a string of grisly crimes before he can return to the past”. Thai drama which is a remake of the Korean series of the same name which was added to Netflix on 1 October.

Bring It On, Ghost S1 Netflix 30/10/2019
“A college student with psychic abilities takes in an amnesiac ghost as his roommate — who ends up helping him hunt down spooky spirits”. Korean drama.

Sleepless Society: Bedtime Wishes S1 Netflix 30/10/2019
“During a holiday stay at a hotel resort, a flight attendant encounters a wealthy, mysterious man with two different personas”. Thai drama.

Tomorrow With You S1 Netflix 30/10/2019
“The head of a real estate firm with the ability to travel through time by taking the subway marries a photographer to try and change his future”. Korean drama.

Absolution (Spravedlnost) MS Amazon
“A shocked, twenty-year-old Lily, runs to her father’s door to tell him that she killed her lover in self-defense. Her father, a police investigator, decides to cover his daughter. He cleans the evidence and digs the body. When the body is eventually found, he is assigned the case…”. Three part Czech drama.

Blackstone S1-5 Amazon
“In this raw, authentic drama set on the Blackstone Indian Reserve, a new Chief struggles to lead a broken community against the betrayal and corruption of the old regime”. Canadian drama series previously available on Netflix.

Blossom in Heart S1 Amazon
“Gu Begonia (Li Yi Tong) comes to Kun Yang to look for her missing father. She chases a thief who steals her suitcase to a makeup store that belongs to Yue Xuan (Deng Lun). Gu Begonia begins to work for Yue Xuan in order to pay back the damages in the store. Yue Xuan and his brother, Yue Ming (Hanson Yang), falls in love with Gu Begonia. Their love for Gu Begonia triggers a big drama”. Chinese drama. New episodes of this 52 episode drama will be added weekly with the first 6 available as of 31 October.

Brothers by Choice MS Amazon
“A teenager (Charley Higgins) crosses Canada searching for his adoptive brother (Yannick Bisson) who has run away from home”. Canadian TV Movie from 1986 which also has this miniseries version (6 x 24-25m).

The Citadel (La cittadella) MS Amazon
“Based on Cronin’s famous novel, The Citadel doctor who fights to improve the conditions in Ireland’s mines in the mid 1920s. Outraged by the inhumane conditions of the mines and the variety of illnesses that his patients suffer, Andrew takes up their cause. In his struggle to alleviate the horrible conditions in the mines, Andrew finds himself caught in the midst of a political power struggle”. Four part Italian miniseries from 2003.

Clown (Klovn) S1 Amazon
“The comedy Clown is one of the most beloved TV shows in Denmark. The show focuses on the everyday life of the main characters, best friends Frank and Casper (played by the immensely popular comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen). We follow them in their socially awkward, humorous and embarrassing misadventures along with their wives, friends and celebrity acquaintances”. There are 7 seasons of this show in Denmark. Although it’s labelled as season 1 the episodes on Amazon are actually those from the latest season which was released in 2018 after the show had been off the air for 9 years. The actual first season is still available on Arrow TV.

Confucius MS Amazon
“Confucius is a great thinker, educator, statesman, and creator of the thoughts of Confucian School, who lived in the late years of Spring and Autumn periods (770-47 B.C). The hard life of Confucius and his great thoughts are vividly described in this TV series, which can be called a rear historical invention with rich ancient Chinese culture”. 16 part Chinese drama from 2002 which is available on Amazon as 3 x 239-296m episodes.

Direct Flight (Voo Directo) S1 Amazon
“Two Continents. Four friends. Life at 600 MPH. Patricia, Marta, Yara and Weza are four best friends, fight attendants, who share a deep friendship between Lisbon, Portugal and Luanda, Angola. Reaching the age of 30, new worries arise: marriage, motherhood and carrier”. Portuguese/Angolan co-production from 2010-11 (26 episodes).

The Disguiser S1 Amazon
“Set during the Japanese occupation of China, a young man is kidnapped by a powerful organization and trained to become a spy. Ming Tai is a naïve youngest brother of the Ming family, but his skills are recognized by Wang Tian Feng , the leader of the powerful Kuo Min Tang organization, and trained to become a spy”. Chinese drama (41 episodes). Previously on Netflix.

Explore with the Note (The Lost Tomb 2) S1 Amazon
“A group of daring young explorers reunites to take their tomb raiding adventures underseas, after a mysterious wreck is discovered in the stormy waters near the North Reef, in the Paracel Islands of the South China Sea.The group’s protagonist is Wu Xie, a young explorer who comes from a family with a tomb-raiding pedigree”. Chinese drama (40 episodes). This 2019 series is a sequel to The Lost Tomb (2015).

Fallout (Stockholmský syndrom) MS Amazon 
“Police officer Viktor accidentally shoots Henry during a dog attack and is sentenced to five years behind bars. Five years later, Viktor is released from prison while Henry’s daughter escapes from a dangerous gang that forced her into prostitution. Against all odds, the destinies of both men cross again…” Two part Czech drama.

The Fatal Mission S1 Amazon
“In 1942, the Chinese government received intelligence that the Japanese may be developing a dangerous biological weapon in a remote part of Burma.The Chinese Expeditionary Force, a secret specialized squad, is dispatched to the remote region to try to stop the Japanese actions. Led by the tough female commander, the highly trained soldiers can’t seem to get along”. Chinese drama (43 episodes).

Fireflies S1 Amazon
“City slickers Lill and Perry escape to a rural idyll and begin to assimilate into a small community where everyone knows everyone else’s business. The focus of the town and the show is the local volunteer fire service but that’s only a device. While there is always a fire to put out the stories are primarily about the lives of the firefighters and those around them, away from the forefront”. Australian drama series from 2004.

Genghis Khan S1 Amazon
“Genghis Khan is a military talent.To revenge his father,he joins the army and becomes a lender of the army who leads his troops to conquer the five independent tribes and is respected as the khan of all the tribes.After the unification of the country,he starts his startling ambitions of conquering the world by lending his troops”. Chinese drama from 2004. There are 30 episodes in the original series which are on Amazon as 6 x 214-215m.

Hiddat S1 Amazon
“Underwhelmed by her bland relationship with fiance Adnan, Nimra unexpectedly takes the bold step of starting a romantic relationship with the vivacious and exciting Farhad against her traditional family’s wishes”. Urdu language drama from Pakistan.

Jonah MS Amazon
“Rugby legend, youngest All Blacks player ever, Jonah, tells the true, once-in- a- lifetime story of the greatest rugby player the world has ever known – Jonah Lomu. This two part drama series charts Jonah’s rise to the top in the game of rugby, but also his battles with a devastating illness. Jonah is the incredible, true story of New Zealand’s greatest sporting legend”. Two part drama from New Zealand.

Legacy (Ubice mog oca) S1 Amazon
“Alexandar, a young but experienced inspector, gets his first big case – solving the harrowing murder of a construction tycoon’s daughter. Reliving his past, as his father was killed while serving in the police, Alexandar is unaware of the dangers he is exposing himself to…” Serbian drama series which has been airing in Serbia since 2016 with 4 seasons to date.

Legend of Fuyao S1 Amazon
“Meng Fuyao is a master of the invincible Po Jiu Xiao fighting technique. Born out of a divine lotus flower, Fuyao has been raised by an ancient sect. On her journey, Fuyao meets Wuji Zhang Sun, the crown prince of the Wuji Kingdom, and Zhan Bei Ye, the prince of Tiansha, both of them are drawn to Fuyau and she would get caught in their competition for both power and her affection”. Chinese drama. All 66 episodes are now available.

Legend of the Phoenix S1 Amazon
“As a member of a circus performing group in the Eastern Liang Dynasty, Ye Ningzhi has never given much thought to the events in the imperial palace; the imperial family lived in their world, and she lived in hers. But on the day her circus troupe receives an invitation to perform at the Empress Dowager’s birthday party, all that changes”. Chinese drama (41 episodes).

Legend of Yun Xi S1 Amazon
“In a chaotic world with three split kingdoms, a doctor Han Yun Xi marries into a royal family.Being a kind-hearted woman from a medical family that excels at potions, she struggles with following the word of the king and convinced by the Empress Dowager of Tianning to become a spy in exchange for information on her mother who disappeared years ago.How will Yun Xi’s story in the palace unfold”. Chinese drama (48 episodes).

Love Better Than Immortality (Spring Flower, Autumn Moon) S1 Amazon
“Chun Hua (Lusi Zhao) from the future enters a fantasy universe. She meets two men, Qiu Yue (Hongyi Li) and Xiao Bai (Junyu Wu). Qiu Yue is a troublemaker, but Xiao Bai is very righteous. Two men with a totally opposite personality form a relationship with Chun Hua. A funny and romantic journey among them has begun”. Chinese drama. As of 31 October the first 10 (of 40) episodes are available.

My Little Baby S1 Amazon
“As a top detective, Jeong han has a promising future ahead of him. However, one day, his sister die in a accident and leave 5-month-old daughter to him. Now, his war against nursing starts. He happens to see his first love, Ye seul. She is a divored single mom living in neighborhood and gives him a hand with raising his niece. Can a former rough detective realize a true meaning of the happiness?” Korean drama.

Noor Jahan S1-2 Amazon
“The coy Noor Jahan is showered with affection wherever she goes. But one encounter with the obsessive Salman starts her on a distressing journey which will lead to unexpected consequences”. Urdu language drama from Pakistan (50 episodes).

Our Glamorous Time S1 Amazon
“Former military officer CEO, Li Zhicheng (Jin Han), returns to the corporate world to save his family’s business from bankruptcy. Lin Qian (Zhao Liying), who is smart and enthusiastic, helps Li Zhicheng in his bid to reverse the bankruptcy situation”. Chinese drama. As of 31 October 40 of the 50 episodes are available on Amazon.

Proof S1 Amazon
“Starring Orla Brady (A Love Divided, Servants), Finbar Lynch (Mind Games, Small World) and Bryan Murray (Irish RM, Brookside, Strumpet City), compelling thriller Proof explores the sinister underbelly of European high finance as those involved consort with smugglers of illegal immigrants and EU politicians with equal ease”. Irish drama from 2004. There was a second four part series in 2005.

Red Line (Rédl) MS Amazon
“Two young students testing a new railway tracking system find that some Soviet wagons disappear. Both men decide to get the problem straight. A few days later one of them is found dead while the other is on the run. Lieutenant Roman Redl starts an investigation and uncovers a powerful crime organization…” Four part Czech drama.

Satisfaction S1 Amazon
“This Canadian comedy centers on the desperate attempts of a couple, Jason and Maggie, to find some meaningful satisfaction in their lives as they deal with an eclectic group of neighbors, bosses, and friends”.

Super Ma’am S1 Amazon
“A story of a teacher with super powers who will help the parents and guide her students”. Drama from the Phillipines (95 episodes).

Tseng Guo-fan (Hun duan Taiping) S1 Amazon
“This maxi-series reveals a constellation of heroes emerging in the history of peasant uprising in vivid details.Furthermore,the history is closely connected to the actual reality of the society so as to fathom the elusive nature of Tseng Guo-fan who strives for life,sticks to principles and commits himself to the court”. Chinese drama. On Amazon in 6 mammoth episodes – each well over 4 hours long.


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