Walter Presents: The Blood Pact

December is shaping up to be a busy month for Walter Presents viewers in the UK with the announcement of their third new premiere of the month: Dutch drama THE BLOOD PACT (Klem). The series is created by Frank Ketelaar (The Adulterer).

Two years after becoming a widow, Hugo is struggling to balance his work life and being a single dad to two daughters. Little does he know his life is about to get a whole lot more complicated when his 8-year-old befriends the daughter of a prolific ex-criminal.

Work-obsessed Hugo is applying for the Vice Presidency of the Dutch revenue and customs service.  Meanwhile, Marius has just been released from an 8-year prison sentence for murder and is elated to be reunited with his wife and daughter in the outside world. However, not all is plain sailing; Marius still owes money to dangerous people, and the police are closely following his every move. When Hugo finds out that his daughter Suus is best friend with Marius’ daughter Chrissie, he worries for her safety. But when the two fathers are forced together by a freak accident, they too become friends, and Hugo finds himself drawn deeper into a dangerous web. Ultimately both men must decide how far they are prepared to go to protect their family.

Jacob Derwig won Best Actor in a TV Drama at the Netherlands Film Festival for his role as Marius. Barry Atsma who plays Hugo may be familiar from Bad Banks (Walter Presents) and/or The Split (BBC1). The series first aired in the Netherlands in 2017 with a third and final season due there soon.

The first episode premieres on Channel 4 on Sunday, 15th December at 11.30PM with the full series boxset available on Walter Presents via All 4 immediately afterwards.

3 thoughts on “Walter Presents: The Blood Pact

  1. I loved this show. It had 2 seasons however the way it ended they could do a 3rd season which would be great


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