Walter Presents announces premiere date for Stockholm Requiem

Based on the best-selling trilogy of Kristina Ohlsson’s novels, WALTER PRESENTS: STOCKHOLM REQUIEM (Sthlm Rekviem) is a gripping psychological thriller following Fredrika Bergman, an unconventional criminologist and new civilian recruit to the police force, as she joins a less than welcoming special investigations unit to tackle crimes across the city.

A little girl is abducted from Stockholm’s Central Station the same day that Fredrika Bergman, criminologist but also ex-professional musician, joins the police force. She is suddenly plunged into investigative action with two detectives, Alex and Peder, much to their disdain. All the evidence points to the abusive ex-husband, but when some disturbing details are uncovered, the detectives realise the reasons behind the abduction are far more complex than expected. Stockholm Requiem is unlike detective thrillers you’ve seen before; each double episode deals with disturbing cases while the overarching storyline bounces back and forth between time, keeping you guessing until you have no idea who to trust.

Long term Scandi fans will recognise Alexej Manvelov, playing Peder, from the smash-hit Walter Presents series Before We Die and political drama Occupied, and lead actress Liv Mjönes from Walter Presents The Lawyer. Liv also starred alongside Florence Pugh in the recent blockbuster Midsommar. Jonas Karlsson (Beck) plays Alex Recht.

The first episode premieres on Channel 4 on Sunday, 26th January at 11:00 PM with the full series boxset available on Walter Presents via All 4 immediately afterwards. (The series is already available on S4C Clic where it has Welsh subtitles with the option to add English ones).


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