Walter Presents announces premiere date for Dutch drama Fenix

As a war between two violent drug gangs breaks out in the quiet town of Brabant, WALTER PRESENTS: FENIX follows the children of the two leading men involved, struggling to piece together the mess their fathers created.

When the daughter of Jos Segers, leader of the town’s gypsy gang, is kidnapped by rival gang leader Gideon, Jos sets up a deal with police chief Peter Haag to put Gideon behind bars. But Gideon isn’t the only one being played; the plan ends in disaster. In the aftermath, Peter’s daughter and Jos’ son, both estranged from their families, return to Brabant with their lives now perpetually entwined. Slowly, they are both drawn back into the town’s complicated criminal past which forces them to remember exactly why they left in the first place. Except this time, will there be any escape?

Fenix is the 9th Dutch drama to land on Walter Presents and the cast includes Rifka Lodeizen who plays Elsie in The Adulterer – their most popular show of 2019. Fenix first premiered at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam in early 2019. There are 8 episodes in total. Here’s a trailer:

The full boxset is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 21st February.


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