Walter Presents announces premiere date for season 2 of Danish drama Ride Upon the Storm

From Adam Price, the BAFTA award winning writer of Borgen, WALTER PRESENTS: RIDE UPON THE STORM returns for its highly anticipated second season after launching to wide critical acclaim last year, winning Lars Mikkelsen an International Emmy for his role as besmirched priest Johannes. Ann Eleonora Jørgensen, who plays Elisabeth, also received praise for this role winning two best actress awards at the Danish Film Awards.

A reminder that this highly recommended series centres on a family of priests and the characters within it, as they each choose their path to live a meaningful life. On the face of it, the family
are the epitome of respectability, but events soon unfold leaving a family in crisis.

Johannes is God-like to his sons; he is the one who gives, who takes, who loves and punishes. The father-son dynamic is at the heart of this story, with both love and tension between the two boys themselves and also between them and their father, who is a passionate man but also a heavy drinker with a quick temper. His unwavering favouritism for August, who is set to follow his
footsteps into the clergy, and disappointment with Christian who has abandoned the church, forces both into desperate choices in order to either win his affection or break free from him, be it into war or in search of spiritual enlightenment.

If you’ve not yet seen season 1 now is the time to stop reading and go and watch it as the brief intro. to season 2 below Walter’s intro video definitely contains SPOILERS for anyone who is behind.

18 months on from the tragic death of August, each member of the Krogh family is coping in different ways. Wracked with grief, Johannes continues his spiralling path of self-destruction while Elisabeth tries to make contact with August in the spiritual world. If their marriage is to survive, some truths must be shared. Emilie, now a single mother, has distanced herself from the church and Christian buries himself in his writing, trying to avoid his guilt of being unable to prevent the catastrophic accident. Have the family’s past mistakes tempted the devil? Or could this be a chance to prove their unwavering faith? After all, God works in mysterious ways.

The first episode of season 2 premieres on Channel 4 on Sunday, 5th April at 11.00 PM with the full series boxset available on Walter Presents via All 4 immediately afterwards.

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