Walter Presents announces premiere date for French drama The Other Mother

WALTER PRESENTS: THE OTHER MOTHER (Maman a tort) a twisted French psychological thriller where a young boy claims that his mother isn’t his real mother. Despite being urged by a child psychologist to take up the case, the police face a tough choice; risk allowing the boy to stay with the wrong parents, or trust the word of a child and ruin a family’s life forever?

When three-year-old Malone insists that his mummy is not his mummy, child psychologist Vasile believes him. Police captain Marianne, however, is much more sceptical and is already occupied solving a serious robbery in which millions of euros have been stolen and two fugitives are still at large. But they are running out of time; Malone’s memories are fading fast and if his story is not just child’s play, it would be criminal to ignore it. Can you trust a young child with an overly active imagination? Or could this be a sophisticated case of kidnapping? Forced together by the case, Vasile and Marianne embark on a passionate affair, further complicating the investigation…

Viewers may recognise Pascal Elbé, who plays Detective Papy, for starring alongside Alexandra Lamy in Harlan Coben’s No Second Chance. Lead actress Anne Charrier is critically acclaimed in France, winning the Best Actress award at the Festival de la Fiction TV and best supporting actress at the Olympus Film Festival. The series was previously known in English as Mother is Wrong

The first episode premieres on Channel 4 on Sunday, 3rd May at 11.00 PM with the full series boxset available on Walter Presents via All 4 immediately afterwards.


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