Walter Presents announces premiere date for French drama Philharmonia

A Black Swan set in the orchestra, WALTER PRESENTS: PHILHARMONIA is a tense and moving psychological thriller following renowned conductor Hélène who returns to Paris to take over an orchestra known as ‘the maestro killer’.

When the conductor of national orchestra Philharmonia suddenly dies, Hélène is called back to Paris to take over after 20 years conducting in New York. Despite her unusual methods, she is hired against the advice of the director and musicians and has one season to prove her worth and save the orchestra. Hélène has no time to lose and almost immediately replaces the first violin, pillar of the orchestra, with 20-year-old Selena, much to the orchestra’s disdain. Selena reminds Hélène of a younger version of herself, and she is determined to make this young prodigy her successor. But now she is back in her home town, she is forced to face the family demons that sent her into exile in the first place.

Conducting Philharmonia reveals the genius and passion of Hélène’s musical career, but simultaneously uncovers her secrets and a past that’s catching up with her, Will music be able to save her – and the 120 musicians under her baton – from sickness… and death?

The full series boxset will be available on All4 from Friday 29 May. Episode 1 of the series will air on Channel 4 on Sunday 31 May at 11.00PM.


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