Walter Presents announces premiere date for season 3 of Code 37: Sex Crimes.

Walter Presents CODE 37: SEX CRIMES, the Belgian crime show returns for a third and final season on More4. SPOILERS ahead for the first two seasons so stop reading if you’re behind.

After an explosive cliffhanger final episode to season 2, the series returns to see how Hannah Maes, the kick-ass cop heading up a specialised sex crime unit, is going to continue after discovering disturbing family secrets.

Hannah Maes has been through the mill. Charged with cleaning up some of Belgium’s most abhorrent, mysterious, and violent crimes, she had to earn the begrudging respect of her chauvinistic team before battling against the red tape bureaucracy of the force itself. Never one to play by the rules, she’s always been determined to get results at any price. Now, Hannah’s personal life is becoming as complex as one of her cases, and she turns to her neighbour Koen for help. Having survived the car crash, awarded a medal of honour and celebrated by her colleagues in the force, she privately continues her quest to avenge her mother’s death. Not put off by the near fatal consequences she’s already faced, could Hannah be pushing herself further and further towards the point of no return?

The multi award-winning actress Veerle Baetens has starred in a number of Walter Presents series including Tabula Rasa and The Team, giving a magnetic performance as Chief Inspector Hannah Maes in a series that bears all the signature quirkiness we’ve come to expect from Belgian TV.

Here’s a reminder of Walter’s intro to season 1:

The series will premiere on More4 on Friday, 12 June and air weekly on that channel. All 13 episodes of season 3 will be available on All4 immediately after the first episode airs on More4.


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