Walter Presents announces premiere date for season 3 of Dutch drama The Adulterer

WALTER PRESENTS: THE ADULTERER (Overspel) – the streaming service’s most popular series of 2019 returns for a third and final season.

For those yet to watch the series at all it is described as follows: When Iris and Willem cross paths, sparks fly and they cannot deny the intense chemistry between them… little do they know that their lives will soon become more entangled than they could possibly imagine.

While married to a top prosecutor, with whom she has a young son, photographer Iris van Erkel-Hoegaarde meets Willem Steenhouwer at her exhibition launch. Immediately struck by overwhelming attraction for each other, the pair soon succumb to their feelings and embark on a passionate affair. Around the same time Willem, a respected defence lawyer, is called up to represent a man accused of murder. Unbeknownst to him, the case has also been assigned to prosecutor, and loving husband of Iris, Pepijn van Erkel. Once the lovers realise just how much is at stake, they have some tough decisions to make… or have they already been decided for them?

Some specifics on season 3 now so if you don’t want SPOILERS for earlier seasons it’s time to stop reading.

Picking up the action two years on from the end of season 2, Willem and Iris can finally settle down. But in a relationship that started with adultery, can the course of true love ever run smooth?

Couwenberg is finally where he belongs, in prison, but he’s only been convicted for blackmail. Willem finds this difficult to accept considering Couwenberg’s attempt on Willem’s life and everything else he’s had to suffer at the hands of his former client. At least now he’s free to marry Iris and they can build a new life together. However, wedded bliss doesn’t last long when a mysterious attractive woman called Anna appears on the scene bearing an equally large grudge against his old enemy. Despite Iris’ objections, Willem simply can’t leave the past behind him and agrees to join forces with Anna to go in search of justice.

The first episode premieres on Channel 4 on Sunday, 26th July at 11.20 PM with the full season boxset available on Walter Presents via All 4 immediately afterwards.


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