Walter Presents announces premiere date for Senegalese drama Sakho and Mangane

Sakho and Mangane web picDive into the Atlantic Ocean with Walter Presents first ever African series, WALTER PRESENTS: SAKHO AND MANGANE. Lusciously shot in Senegal, two cops with very different methods are forced to work together to solve crimes clouded by black magic.

The cool, calm Sakho meets the boisterous Mangane when arresting him during a drugs raid where Lieutenant Mangane was an undercover infiltrator. Meanwhile, the ambitious Mama Bâ has been assigned as the head of police for political reasons and now she will have to prove her authority to gain respect from her team of men. The first case that comes under her command is the murder of a Belgian ethnologist on the sacred island of Lebous. Seeing their potential, she designates the case to both Sakho and Mangane, whose contradictory dynamic will either be a great help or a great hindrance to solving the murder…

The 8 part series stars Yann Gael, Issaka Sawadogo and Christiane Dumont. Each crime investigated by the team explores different cultural and magical traditions.

The full season boxset (8 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 4th September.  


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