Walter Presents announces premiere date for French drama Beyond Appearances

Beyond AppearancesWalter Presents is heading back to France before the end of August with new six part crime thriller Beyond Appearances (Au-delà des Apparences). The series follows the disappearance of the twin of a famous actress which leads to long-buried family secrets being revealed.

In the Verdet family, roles have been assigned since childhood and must be kept: Manon and Alexandra, twin sisters, are as different as night and day. Manon is a devoted schoolteacher, discreet and quiet. She never left her home village. Her twin sister Alexandra lives in Paris. She is a successful actress but also a narcissist. The day before their 40th birthday, Manon disappears. Was she murdered? Abducted? Or did she run off? Manon’s car is eventually found close to her home, stuck in mud along a mountain road, and an evening dress and a pair of high heels are discovered in a river.

Alexandra soon realizes that her sister stole some of her clothes to impersonate her, and that she was pregnant. Meanwhile, her older brother Guillaume has flashes: the night of his sister’s disappearance, he was drunk and he remembers being violent with her. The family is torn between those who think he is guilty, and those who think he is innocent. However, Detective Chief Superintendent Lacroix doubts that Guillaume is the culprit.

As the police leave the family alone in their grief, Alexandra pursues her own investigation and finally finds out about a hotel where her sister regularly booked a room to meet with her lover. But who is he? In this gripping tale of deception and betrayal, long-buried family secrets are revealed. Will the Verdets be able to handle the unbearable truth?

Here’s a trailer:

The full season boxset (6 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 28th August.  

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