Walter Presents announces premiere date for Moscow Noir.

Moscow Noir (1)A stylish, icily beautiful modern noir, WALTER PRESENTS: MOSCOW NOIR (Dirigenten) will follow one rich, young investment banker’s fall from the high life of a rich expat into the moral sewers of modern Moscow…

It’s 1999, the height of the Wild East, where post-communist chaos means that only one law reigns: money. A risky deal plunges the Swedish Tom Blixen into a battle between millionaires, oligarchs and their private armies. He is dragged into a mystery whose layers reveal themselves like a Babushka doll, leaving death – his own and his loved ones – only one step behind. As fact and fiction converge, Tom finds himself in a world of ghosts, both living and dead. But the most haunting ghost of all is still inside him…

Created by multi-award winner Mikael Håfström, this pulsating yet quietly profound thriller unravels as both a snapshot of a unique place and time, as well as a parable for our own extreme and unpredictable times today. The star at its core is Adam Pålsson, who viewers may recognise from hit thriller Walter Presents: Before We Die, and who was nominated for Outstanding Actor at the Monte-Carlo TV festival for his role as Tom.

The first episode premieres on Channel 4 on Sunday, 13th September at 11.00 PM. The full season boxset (8 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 11 September.


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