Walter Presents: Russian drama The Sect

Walter Presents is heading to Russia for the very first time with WALTER PRESENTS: THE SECT which delves into the world of cults, kidnappings and indoctrination.

Two years ago, Nika was just an ordinary girl – she argued with her parents, suffered from heartbreak and was in search of her place in life. Now, she is happy and harmonious, surrounded by her friends, her life filled with light, meaning and joy. Nika is part of a cult. The ‘Deprogrammers,’ specialists for the withdrawal of people from cults, receive an order for Nika’s release. Their methods are tough, sometimes violent, so they hire a nurse to ensure Nika’s wellbeing. But when the sect leader declares war, both parties will stop at nothing to ensure that Nika is where she apparently needs to be, leading Nika to question, who are the real brainwashers here?

Svetlana Khodchenkova, playing Lilya, is a huge star in Russia, also having starred as Viper alongside Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine and in other international blockbusters like Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyThe Sect was created by Gela Babluani, who is a multi award-winning director including at the Sundance and Venice film festivals.

The full season boxset (8 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 25th September.  

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