Walter Presents: The Same Sky on More4

Walter Presents is heading back to cold war Germany for spy drama The Same Sky (Der gleiche Himmel) .

It’s East Germany in the 1970s, and Lars Weber is a “Romeo agent”; his task is to go West and seduce and spy on women who work in government or defence institutions. A young talent only just emerging from his espionage training programme, Lars is assigned the case of Lauren Faber, a data analyst for the British Secret Service at the Devil’s Mountain listening station. Under the strict, sceptical and somewhat twisted guidance of his handler Ralf Müller, Lars quickly proves his talent, making his first steps into Lauren’s wary and formerly closed-off psyche.

The director, Oliver Hirschbiegel, himself grew up in the 1970s and was a member of the Communist Party youth wing, which set up “friendship” trips to meet their counterparts in East Germany. The Same Sky boasts a star-studded cast with Tom Schilling, who was nominated for a German TV award for his role as Lars, and Sofia Helin playing Lauren. The Same Sky was previously available in the UK on Netflix.

The series will premiere on More4 on Friday, 23 October and air weekly on that channel. The full series will be available on All4 immediately after Episode 1 airs on More4.

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