Walter Presents acquires multiple dramas from France Televisions.

Global streaming platform Walter Presents has teamed up with France TV Distribution to acquire a number of series to be launched across some of its key international territories: the UK, the US, Russia and Belgium.

The titles below have been acquired for the following territories:

RUSSIA (where Walter Presents is distributed on the SVOD Platform START)
 Stalk, produced by Silex Films/ France Televisions (10 x23′)
 Kepler(s), produced by EVS Productions (6×52′)
 Laetitia, produced by CPB Films/ L’lle Clavel (6×52′)
 Bright Minds (Astrid et Raphaelle), produced by JLA Productions (8×52′ + 1 x90 ‘)
 Inside (A l’interieur), produced by Elzevir Films (6×52′)

THE US (where the series will be released online only in North America as part of the Walter Presents collection through PBS Distribution on the PBS Masterpiece Amazon Channel, as well as the Walter Presents Channel available on Comcast Xfinity X1 and Roku).
 Alex Hugo (Alex Hugo), produced by France tv studio (14×90 ‘)
“Former great Marseille cop Alex Hugo, nicknamed “La Tendresse”, chose to leave the city and a violence that he could no longer bear to isolate himself in the mountains, driven by his need for freedom. He now occupies a position in the French ‘Police Rurale’ and enjoys a tranquility which he was previously unaccustomed to”.
 Bright Minds (Astrid et Raphaelle), produced by JLA Productions (8×52′ + 1×90’)
 Inside (A l’interieur), produced by Elzevir Films (6×52′)

THE UK (where Walter Presents is available on C4 and on its streaming platform All4)
 Bright Minds (Astrid et Raphaelle), produced by JLA Productions (8×52′ + 1×90’)
An autistic librarian who works for the judicial police teams up with a police commander in this new procedural drama.
 Inside (A l’interieur), produced by Elzevir Films (6×52′)
“A young woman about to leave a psychiatric clinic is found dead. Ana’s heart has been torn out. Angèle, 29 years old, investigates alone for her first case. The inquiry shakes Angèle’s grip on reality, driving her to the brink of madness”.

BELGIUM (Where Walter Presents is available through SVOD platform STREAMZ)
 Crimson Wedding (Noces Rouges), produced by Scarlett Production (6×52′)
 Mother is Wrong (Maman a tort), produced by France tv studio (6×52′)
 Innocents (Innocentes), produced by Gazelle & Cie

Julia Schulte, France TV distribution’s International Sales Manager says: “Fiction is a powerful means of creative expression. Through this partnership with GSN and Walter Presents, we are asserting our will to promote high-quality original French creations. We’re giving French fiction products a presence in the United States, Europe and Russia, in this competitive environment. France TV distribution is proud to be working and polling its expertise with GSN”.

Walter luzzolino, curator and co-founder of Walter Presents added: “France Televisions is renowned for its fantastic productions and I am so excited to be bringing in a brand new slate of programmes for audiences all over the world. French drama is incredibly popular on our channels and these unique, award-winning series are the perfect addition to represent high quality French productions on Walter Presents”.


3 thoughts on “Walter Presents acquires multiple dramas from France Televisions.

  1. Loved Astrid eason 1 but cannt find information in Englias as to where i can sream Seasoms 2 and 3


    1. It’s usually a case of having a bit of patience when waiting for subsequent seasons of shows. I don’t know at this point if Walter Presents have picked up all available seasons of Astrid already – in which case you can probably expect them to appear relatively soon (maybe a new set of episodes every 3 or 4 months) or if they are waiting to see how popular the first season is with viewers before they purchase more – in which case you might have to wait a bit longer. Either way now that the first season is on Walter Presents it’s unlikely other seasons will be available (legally) anywhere else.


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