Walter Presents: French drama The Announcer

Part Mad Men and part Agatha Christie, WALTER PRESENTS: THE ANNOUNCER (Speakerine) follows successful and ambitious TV presenter Christine Beauval as she crashes the glass ceiling in 1960s France.

Christine is the star speaker of major television channel La RTF, an unusual woman in that she manages to juggle being a wife, mother and a professional. Not everyone, however, is so impressed; in a twisted turn of events, someone covers a plastic bust of Christine in blood and leaves it at the TV studio. Is this a threat on her life? Christine begins to question everyone she knows, accusing her husband of thinking only of his professional ambitions at the expense of her own, and Pierre, the newly appointed head of Mondovision, doesn’t hide his belief that women shouldn’t abandon their duties as a mother and wife. Her daughter is having an affair with a prominent minister, and all this on the eve of France making historical ties with US television channels. She is soon to discover that the bloodied bust is only the start of a chain of tragic events that will change her life forever…

Viewers may recognise Gregory Fitoussi from BBC Four’s Spiral and Walter Presents: Spin, and Maria Gillain was nominated for a best actress award for her role as Christine at the Globes de Cristal Awards. Here’s a trailer:

The series will premiere on Sky Box Sets on Tuesday, 27 October with the All4 launch following a month later on Friday, 27 November.


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