Walter Presents: German drama The Nordic Murders

A mother and daughter form an investigative team on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom in WALTER PRESENTS: THE NORDIC MURDERS (Der Usedom-Krimi).

After six years in prison, former district attorney Karin returns to her house on the island, a place the locals refer to as the “murder house”. Here, Karin impulsively shot her husband after finding him with a younger lover. The islanders keep their distance, and even Karin’s daughter Julia, who works as a Chief Inspector, doesn’t entirely trust her. But Julia has bigger fish to fry as she investigates a car crash from several years ago in which two people died. The driver has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. Julia is puzzled by the case; was it an accident, could it be murder out of revenge or even suicide? Being a former lawyer, Karin is intrigued and follows her daughter’s investigations, but eventually comes up with a very dangerous idea which puts their relationship to the test…

The German crime drama – also known as Baltic Crimes – has aired 12 episodes in Germany since it first premiered in 2014 with a 13th due in 2021.

The series will premiere on More4 on Friday, 4 December and air weekly on that channel until Friday, 18 December. The full season 1 boxset (5 episodes) will be available on All4 immediately after Episode 1 airs on More4.


8 thoughts on “Walter Presents: German drama The Nordic Murders

    1. David Evans. Hi, Do you know how I can find Series 1, Episodes 6 onwards, please. I have watched the first 5 but I can’t find the remainder, either on WP website, or on any of the catch-up methods. If you can help my email is Thanks Bob


      1. Season 1 on Walter Presents is just 5 episodes. In Germany the show doesn’t really have “seasons” as such though some episodes have aired in batches. “Season 1” consists of 1 episode that aired in Germany in 2014, 1 in 2015, 1 in 2016 & 2 in 2017. There were then 5 episodes in 2019 (aired separately with 3 in January/February & 2 more in November) and then 3 more in October/November 2020. My guess – assuming Walter picks up future episodes – is that the 2019 episodes will be released as season 2.


  1. Great show but I have gotten so tired of extramarital affairs. Most of movies and tv shows on Netflix ,prime and Hulu have cheating as an integral part of the story. I don’t believe that this is as predominate in our society as shown . If so, then we are in a hell of a lot of trouble,


  2. Truly enjoy this series and hope Walter Presents picks up the remaining episodes. After the final fifth episode result, would be good if mum and daughter became private investigators together.


    1. I watched part of E6 in German and wish I hadn’t. I won’t do a spoiler but yes, let’s hope we get to see the next series soon. Otherwise, I will be forced to watch the rest in German, which is ok, but demands a lot of concentration on my part!


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