Walter Presents: French drama The Red Shadows

A police officer tries to hunt down her missing sister in the French crime drama WALTER PRESENTS: THE RED SHADOWS (Les Ombres Rouges).

In 1993, five-year-old Clara was abducted. During the handover of the ransom, Clara’s mother was killed and Clara disappeared. Her older sister Aurore, now a police officer, has been obsessed with the abduction ever since. 25 years on from the kidnapping, Aurore’s grandparents are selling their estate and ripples are running through the family to see who will get the inheritance. During a murder case, Aurore finds photos of a young woman who strongly resembles her sister at the victim’s home. She traces them back to a woman named Clara Ivaldi in Italy, but this woman fiercely denies being the missing girl. As the family begins to break down, will Aurore finally be able to heal her own wounds by finding her sister alive? Or is she just clinging onto a hope that could otherwise leave her life destroyed…?

Viewers may recognise Nadia Farès, playing Aurore, from Walter Presents: The Crimson Rivers and Lannick Gautry from the hugely successful trilogy of series beginning with Walter Presents: Vanished by the Lake.

The full season boxset (6 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 11 December. The first episode premieres on Channel 4 on Sunday, 13 December at 11.00 PM.


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