Walter Presents Belgian/Dutch co-production Floodland.

Identity, immigration and cross-border relations are just some of the dark themes explored in haunting new thriller WALTER PRESENTS: FLOODLAND (Grenslanders).  

In the remote border region between the Netherlands and Flanders, a mysterious African girl  is found wandering around on the Flemish side. As the charming but nonchalant Belgian court  psychiatrist Bert Dewulf is brought in to find out what happened to the deeply traumatized  girl, Tara Dessel, a Dutch police inspector of mixed descent, investigates a bloody shootout on  a pleasure yacht. It soon turns out that there is a connection between the two cases. The girl  is being hunted by a merciless gang of human traffickers from whom she has escaped. When  Tara and Bert start to collaborate on the case, they discover that the borderlanders have had  their own way of handling foreigners for many centuries. 

The cast is led by Jasmine Sendar (Tara Dessel) and Koen De Bow (Bert Dewulf) who viewers may recognise , from the much-loved Walter Presents: Professor T.  Other faces that may already be familiar to Walter Presents viewers include: Monic Hendrickx (Black Widow), Fedja van Huêt (Black Widow, The Swingers, The Adulterer), Tiny Bertels (Hotel Beau Sejour, Scratch My Back) & Herwig Illegems (Professor T).

Here’s a trailer from the US/Canada launch last year:

The full series boxset (8 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 16 April.  


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