Walter Presents: French drama Time is a Killer

Adapted from Michel Bussi’s best-selling novel, WALTER PRESENTS: TIME IS A KILLER (Le Temps est assassin) is a contemporary crime mystery that follows three generations of women whose lives have been torn apart.

The sole survivor of a tragic accident that cost the lives of her brother and parents in Corsica when she was 16, Clotilde returns to her hometown 25 years later with her husband Franck and daughter Valentine, now aged 16. But shortly after arriving, Clotilde receives a letter from her mother, Palma, who was presumed dead in the accident. Danger lurks throughout the course of Clotilde’s investigation, as she delves deeper into the lives of her grandparents, neighbours, old friends and lovers, and her old diary, determined to find the true source of what happened to her, so that she can piece back together her fragmented life.

The series sports an all-star cast including Caterina Murino who starred as Bond girl Solange in Casino Royale. Viewers will also recognise two of the stars of Spiral both of whom have also appeared in previous Walter Presents shows: Gregory Fitoussi (Spin, The Announcer) and Thierry Godard (Dead Beautiful).

The series (8 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 14 May. The first episode premieres on Channel 4 on Sunday, 16 May at 11.00 PM.

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