Walter Presents: Polish, Czech & Ukrainian co-produced drama The Pleasure Principle

Like The Bridge of Eastern Europe and written by the same team behind hit thriller The Border, police departments in three separate countries must work together to solve the murders of  three young women in WALTER PRESENTS: THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE (Zasada przyjemnosci).

In three cities with a glorious past, Odessa, Warsaw and Prague, three young women are murdered. Within days, their bodies are found, each showing the same brutal signs of violence. One thing is clear: they are somehow connected. The three separate police departments’ detectives soon find themselves having to work together whilst balancing their own personal issues; Ukrainian militia captain Serhij has a troubled past, the Polish super intendant Maria fights for her position in a male-dominated police department and the experienced Czech detective Viktor has to put off early retirement. But they are dealing with a deranged serial killer operating on an international level. Soon, they realize that all the victims were aspiring models and actresses. Does the murderer hunt his prey in the entertainment industry? The trail leads to shady businessmen, their lawyers, corrupt politicians, and professional killers… but what connects Odessa, Warsaw and Prague?

The full season 1 boxset (10 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 28 May.  


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