Walter Presents: more episodes of German drama The Nordic Murders.

The mother and daughter investigative team of Karin and Julia return to More4 for more episodes of the crime drama set on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom in WALTER PRESENTS: THE NORDIC MURDERS (Der Usedom-Krimi) (also known in some places as Baltic Crimes).

For anyone who hasn’t watched the series yet it begins with former district attorney Karin returning to her house on the island after six years in prison. Here, Karin impulsively shot her husband after finding him with a younger lover. The islanders keep their distance, and even Karin’s daughter Julia, who works as a Chief Inspector, doesn’t entirely trust her. In the first episode Julia investigates a car crash from several years ago in which two people died. The driver has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. Julia is puzzled by the case; was it an accident, could it be murder out of revenge or even suicide? Being a former lawyer, Karin is intrigued and follows her daughter’s investigations, but eventually comes up with a very dangerous idea which puts their relationship to the test…

The new episodes consist of 2 episodes that are already available on All4 but haven’t yet aired on TV (episodes 4 and 5 of season 1) and then 5 brand new episodes (season 2). The new episodes will also introduce a new character: Danish detective Ellen Norgaard who has her own reasons for returning to the island where she was born. EDIT: Scheduling plans for the series have now changed and – as well as the date for season 2 being pushed back episodes 4 & 5 of season 1 will no longer air on More4.

Season 2 (5 episodes) will air on More4 from Friday, 9 July. The full season 2 boxset (5 episodes) is currently scheduled to be available on All4 immediately after Episode 1 airs on More4 – though recent experience (with Nordic Murders S1 and Rocco Schiavone S1) suggests this is subject to change.


4 thoughts on “Walter Presents: more episodes of German drama The Nordic Murders.

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the Nordic Murders, although season 2 was a little bit of an anti-climax, but still liked it, shame there isn’t any more. [EDIT: I’ve taken out a spoiler in case anyone reading might not yet have seen season 2]


  2. Any word on whether there will be a 3rd season? I don’t speak German or Polish but find the show very interesting, hoping for more seasons.


    1. There are definitely more episodes – 3 that aired in Germany in late 2020 & more planned for later this year.


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