Walter Presents: The Blood Pact S3, King of the Skies, Inside & The Mountain Detective to US viewers in June.

Walter Presents viewers in the US can look forward to the premiere of three brand new programmes as well as one returning favourite during the month of June. The month starts with the premiere of the third and final season of popular Dutch drama The Blood Pact (Klem) on Friday 4 June. The new shows this month are another Dutch drama King of the Skies (Vliegende Hollanders) and two French shows: Inside (À l’intérieur) and The Mountain Detective (Alex Hugo).

All shows are available to US viewers via the PBS MASTERPIECE Prime Video Channel, Comcast Xfinity X1 and Roku. More details on the new shows below.

Walter Presents: King of the Skies (Vliegende Hollanders)

Based on true characters and events, “King of the Skies” is set during the early days of civil aviation and follows the battle between two men, Albert Plesman and Anthony Fokker from the end of the First World War in 1919 up until the beginning of World War II in 1939. 
The men were completely different but needed each other to succeed. The director of the newly created Dutch airline KLM, Plesman was a straightforward, physically imposing, Calvinistic family man of simple descent who was happily married all his life to his wife Suze. An aircraft manufacturer and famous pilot, Fokker came from a wealthy family, was small in stature, and was a notorious playboy and womanizer who wasn’t a fan of rules. Although the men didn’t like each other they could not ignore one another: Plesman needed planes to keep KLM alive and Fokker needed a big customer to sell his planes to. 
Over the years their battles were fought in several countries, during exciting, historic air races, and with an extensive cast of larger-than-life characters on both sides of the feud. At a crossroads in their lives the men are brought back together at the dawn of a new war, with one big question present: can they work together to stop the war?

All 8 episodes of this Dutch drama series are available from Friday, 11 June.

Walter Presents: Inside (À l’intérieur)

When a woman is found dead in a psychiatric clinic, the case is given to Angèle, a young police officer who has yet to work on her own investigation. But in order for her to solve the case she must get inside the clinic and question the patients. All of the suspects are mentally disturbed, yet they are endearing and funny. Angèle immerses herself in the case to the point where she starts feeling more comfortable around the patients rather than “normal” people. But in order to establish herself as a good detective she must solve her first big case and there are a lot of suspects. Who among the insane can we trust?

All 6 episodes of this French drama series are available from Friday, 18 June.

Walter Presents: The Mountain Detective (Alex Hugo)

Driven by his need for freedom and fed-up with his violent daily life, former Marseille cop Alex Hugo chooses to leave the city and a violence he could no longer bear. While isolating himself in the mountains, he now occupies a position in the French ‘Police Rurale,’ enjoying a tranquility which he was previously unaccustomed to. Even in the peace and quiet of his new home, he soon discovers crime is everywhere humans are and the isolated mountains are no different.

All 9 episodes of season 1 of this French drama series are available from Friday, 25 June.

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    1. According to the French wikipedia page the series was shot in the Hautes-Alpes and Bouches-du-Rhône, notably in the Ecrins National Park and the Calanques National Park. This chalet promotes itself as being in the vicinity of the flming as well.


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