Walter Presents: The Crimson Rivers Season 2.

Set in the realms of sadistic killers, creepy rituals and mysterious incidents, WALTER PRESENTS: THE CRIMSON RIVERS returns for its second season.

After a series of shocking and intense investigations, detectives Commander Pierre Niemans and Camille Delaunay return to unravel the murder of Eric Spaggio, the pastor of a small village. He was found naked in a church, ‘crucified’ on an inverted cross. Very quickly, the duo find a link between this macabre staging and a martyr of the 3rd century AD, whose relics have disappeared in the neighbouring village. Whilst Camille is dealing with her own personal problems involving her son, will her bond with Pierre be strong enough for them both to get through the region’s most gruesome murders with their sanity intact?

Based on the 2000 blockbuster of the same name (starring Vincent Cassel and Jean Reno), and from Luc Besson’s production company Europacorp, The Crimson Rivers is a French crime thriller that follows conflicted cop duo Camille Delauney and Pierre Niémans.

Here’s a trailer:

Season 2 (4 episodes) will air weekly on More4 from Friday, 20 August. The full season 2 boxset will be available on All4 immediately after Episode 1 airs on More4.

3 thoughts on “Walter Presents: The Crimson Rivers Season 2.

    1. All episodes seem to be available now (as of just after 11.00pm on the 23rd). At least they are showing as playable on All4 on my laptop & also on my Sky box.


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