Walter Presents: Locked Up: El Oasis.

After the original Locked Up (Vis a vis) series came to an end after four seasons the multi award-winning Spanish prison thriller franchise returns for its hotly anticipated spin-off season, LOCKED UP: EL OASIS.

Stop reading now & go watch the original series if you’re not all caught up. If you are here’s a trailer for the spin off – with some plot details about the series below:

After years of jewellery, bank and casino robberies, the time has come for Zulema and Macarena to part ways before they blow each other’s brains out. The plan: to steal a diamond tiara from a hotel in the middle of the Almería desert. Hiring four other familiar faces from Locked Up to help them with the heist, they’re hoping it will be quick, smooth and no one will get hurt… but little do they know that the pregnant Macarena is out for herself one last time and has cut a deal with the police to turn in her partner and get a new identity. Is it ever possible to start over? Or maybe the cunning Zulema is already one step ahead…

The Locked Up franchise has received wide critical acclaim, breaking viewing records both domestically and internationally and quickly becoming one of Walter Presents’ highest streaming series ever.

The full series boxset (8 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 27th August.  


2 thoughts on “Walter Presents: Locked Up: El Oasis.

  1. European TV has to compete with the American juggernaut, and it’s not a fair fight.

    American TV makes its profit in the domestic market (which is huge) and then everything else it gets is just cream on top. It skims extra profit by licensing the U.S. shows around the world for cheaper prices than the locals have to pay to make their own product. It’s hardly a fair fight, but then the Americans never did like fairness.

    — Catxman


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