UK Premiere Dates for World Dramas in September 2021

This is a list of all world dramas (non-British or US TV) premiering in the UK in September 2021. The calendar above is also a handy guide to all of the major dates. The list is updated on an ongoing basis as new dates are revealed.

HQ Barbers S1 Netflix 01/09/2021 [Import/Nigeria] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

Dive Club S1 Netflix 03/09/2021 [Import/Australia] [Netflix CP]

Money Heist (La casa de papel) S5P1 Netflix 03/09/2021 [Import/Spain] [Netflix Original]

Couple on the Backtrack S1 Netflix 04/09/2021 [Import/Korea]

The Hunt For A Killer S1 BBC4 04/09/2021 [Import/Sweden]

Touch Your Heart S1 Netflix 05/09/2021 [Import/Korea]

The Brokenwood Mysteries S7 Drama 06/09/2021 [Import/New Zealand]

Witch at Court S1 Netflix 06/09/2021 [Import/Korea]

Into the Night S2 Netflix 08/09/2021 [Import/Belgium] [Netflix Original]

Dead Places S1 Sundance Now 08/09/2021 [Import/South Africa]

Mumbai Diaries 26/11 S1 Amazon 09/09/2021 [Import/India] [Prime Original]

Voltaire High S1 Amazon 10/09/2021 [Import/France] [Prime Original]

Mad Dog S1 Netflix 11/09/2021 [Import/Korea]

Balthazar S3 Acorn UK 13/09/2021 [Import/France]

Castle & Castle S2 Netflix 15/09/2021 [Import/Nigeria]

El Juego de las Llaves S2 Amazon 16/09/2021 [Import/Mexico] [Prime Original]

The Smart Money Woman S1 Netflix 16/09/2021 [Import/Nigeria]

Back to the Rafters S1 Amazon 17/09/2021 [Import/Australia] [Prime Original]

Squid Game S1 Netflix 17/09/2021 [Import/Korea] [Netflix Original]

When the Dust Settles S1 Walter P. 17/09/2021 [Import/Denmark]

Departure S1 5Star 20/09/2021 [Import/Canada] (Freeview Premiere)

Jaguar S1 Netflix 22/09/2021 [Import/Spain] [Netflix Original]

Bangkok Breaking S1 Netflix 23/09/2021 [Import/Thailand] [Netflix Original]

Blood & Water S2 Netflix 24/09/2021 [Import/South Africa] [Netflix Original]

Ganglands (Braqueurs) S1 Netflix 24/09/2021 [Import/France] [Netflix Original]

The Inner Circle S1 Walter P. 24/09/2021 [Import/Sweden]

Kota Factory S2 Netflix 25/09/2021 [Import/India] [Netflix Original]

Jack Irish S2 Acorn TV 27/09/2021 [Import/Australia]

My Life Is Murder S2 Acorn TV 27/09/2021 [Import/Australia]

The Chestnut Man S1 Netflix 29/09/2021 [Import/Denmark] [Netflix Original]

El Cartel S1 + S2 Netflix 30/09/2021 [Import/Colombia]

Good Grief S1 Sundance Now 30/09/2021 [Import/New Zealand]

Love 101 S2 Netflix 30/09/2021 [Import/Turkey] [Netflix Original]

Luna Park S1 Netflix 30/09/2021 [Import/Italy] [Netflix Original]

The Mafia Dolls S1 Netflix 30/09/2021 [Import/Colombia] (S2 has been available since 2019 & is a Netflix Orig/Excl]

The October list is now available for future dates.

We provide a weekly list each Friday which contains more details about all these shows as well as details of all the British & US premieres. Here are the links to the weekly lists covering the current month – new links added as they become available:

28 August – 3 September
4-10 September
11-17 September
18-24 September
25 September – 1 October

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