Walter Presents: Polish drama Angel of Death

***EDIT: Series release now Friday 3rd December.

The final series of the 2021 Polish Season – and out just in time for Halloween – is WALTER PRESENTS: ANGEL OF DEATH (Szadz) a series which turns the usual murder mystery construct on its head.

A young girl is murdered in a cruel and perverse way on the outskirts of Opole, and police suspect it might be the work of a serial killer. Commissioner Agnieszka Polkowska is assigned the case but, to her distaste, must work with Commissioner Tomasz Mrówiec from the Provincial Headquarters. In Warsaw, entrepreneurial and popular lecturer Piotr lives a bourgeois life with a textbook-perfect family. We quickly learn that it was he who murdered the girl found in the forest, and now he is getting ready for another murder. His next victim is a young, deeply spiritual girl from a small town, frantically trying to find meaning in life. With such high stakes, can Agnieszka and Tomasz find and expose Piotr before it’s too late?

Angel of Death was nominated for Best Fictional Series at the Polish Film Festival and stars Maciej Stuhr who viewers may recognise from Walter Presents: The Teacher. You can find a brief trailer via this link.

The full season 1 boxset (7 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from 3rd December.  


5 thoughts on “Walter Presents: Polish drama Angel of Death

  1. This is one of the most confusing mystery series
    The first three episode are dramatically taut then it turns a fiasco of flash backs…there are at least to some
    actions with children lighting
    matches and burning down houses.
    This is a D- and that is very generous !!


    1. What device/platform are you watching on? I know a bunch of people have watched the whole series & I’ve seen no complaints about a shortened final episode so maybe just specific to a particular platform and/or a short term glitch? I know they’ve only just got round to adding this to Sky and last night when I checked there was only one random episode available – similar with the new season of Seaside Hotel where only 2 or 3 episodes were up. I’m hoping that’s sorted soon.


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