UK Premiere Dates for World Dramas in October 2021

This is a list of all world dramas (non-British or US TV) premiering in the UK in October 2021. The calendar above is also a handy guide to all of the major dates. The list is updated on an ongoing basis as new dates are revealed.

The Crowned Clown S1 Netflix 01/10/2021 [Import/Korea]

Remember You S1 Netflix 05/10/2021 [Import/Thailand]

The Five Juanas S1 Netflix 06/10/2021 [Import/Mexico] [Netflix Original]

Encounters S1 Netflix 07/10/2021 [Import/Nigeria]

The Billion Dollar Code S1 Netflix 07/10/2021 [Import/Germany] [Netflix Original]

Family Business S3 Netflix 08/10/2021 [Import/France] [Netflix Original]

Paris Police 1900 S1 BBC4 09/10/2021 [Import/France]

Japan Sinks: People of Hope S1 Netflix 10/10/2021 [Import/Japan] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

The King’s Affection S1 Netflix 11/10/2021 [Import/Korea] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

Reflection on You S1 Netflix 13/10/2021 [Import/Korea] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

Little Things S4 Netflix 15/10/2021 [Import/India] [Netflix Original]

My Name S1 Netflix 15/10/2021 [Import/Korea] [Netflix Original]

Misfit: The Series S1 Netflix 16/10/2021 [Import/Netherlands] [Netflix Original]

Jack Irish S3 Acorn UK 18/10/2021 [Import/Australia]

Petra S1 Acorn UK 18/10/2021 [Import/Italy]

Bump S1 BBC1 20/10/2021 [Import/Australia]

Couple Trouble S2 Sundance Now 21/10/2021 [Import/Denmark]

More Than Blue: The Series S1 Netflix 22/10/2021 [Import/Taiwan] [Netflix Original]

Search WWW S1 Netflix 23/10/2021 [Import/Korea]

Family Business S2 Acorn TV 25/10/2021 [Import/France]

An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts S1 Netflix 27/10/2021 [Import/Italy] [Netflix Original]

Mr. Inbetween S3 Star/Disney+ 27/10/2021 [Import/Australia]

Sintonia S2 Netflix 27/10/2021 [Import/Brazil] [Netflix Original]

Luis Miguel: The Series S3 Netflix 28/10/2021 [Import/Mexico]

Takki S3 Netflix 28/10/2021 [Import/Saudi Arabia] [Netflix Original]*

Call My Agent: Bollywood S1 Netflix 29/10/2021 [Import/India] [Netflix Original]

Lawless Lawyer S1 Netflix 29/10/2021 [Import/Korea]

Maradona: Blessed Dream S1 Amazon 29/10/2021 [Import/Argentina] [Prime Original]

Mythomaniac S2 Netflix 29/10/2021 [Import/France] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

The Time It Takes S1 Netflix 29/10/2021 [Import/Spain] [Netflix Original]

Inspector Koo S1 Netflix 30/10/2021 [Import/Taiwan] [Netflix Orig/Excl]

The November list is now available for future dates.

We provide a weekly list each Friday which contains more details about all these shows as well as details of all the British & US premieres. Here are the links to the weekly lists covering the current month – new links added as they become available:

25 September – 1 October
2-8 October
9-15 October
16-22 October
23-29 October
30 October – 5 November


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