Walter Presents: The Defence Season 2

For its first release of 2022 Walter Presents is heading back to Poland as ruthless lawyer Joanna Chyłka returns in WALTER PRESENTS: THE DEFENCE season 2 (Chyłka. Kasacja).

The country is electrified by the arrest of the son of a well-known businessman, Piotr Langer Sr. The sole heir to his fortune is accused of the brutal murder of two people. The case seems to be a foregone conclusion; the massacred victims were found in the defendant’s apartment, and an investigation found that Langer Jr had lived with the corpses for about 10 days. In the face of these events, Langer Senior convenes a press conference in which he publicly cuts ties with his son. At the same time, he forces Żelazny to make Chyłka the defender of Junior. But Chyłka’s killer instincts tell her something is up; Junior won’t say a word, even under the threat of life imprisonment. Is he a degenerate? Is he playing a game? Or maybe he doesn’t trust Chyłka because she is paid by his father?

Based on a popular series of novels by Remigiusz Mróz (13 in the series up to 2021 but none yet translated into English), The Defence stars award-winning actress Magdalena Cielecka and Piotr Zurawski who viewers may also recognise from Walter Presents: The Border.

The full season 2 boxset (6 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday 14th January.  (*Date edited – previously 7th January).


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