Walter Presents USA – Full Series list.

The main part of this list covers all the shows currently available on Walter Presents in the USA in alphabetical order. Hopefully it also applies to Canada though my understanding from some of our facebook group members is that some content may not be available there. This is followed by a list of all the shows previously available and then a few shows that are known to be upcoming but with no premiere date yet announced.
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Currently Available in the USA (as of 5 May 2023)

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The most recent additions are in red.

Shows announced as leaving soon are in green.

1864 (Miniseries/8 episodes) – Denmark.
Claudia’s family has fallen apart, and on the verge of a complete breakdown, she is forced to accept a job as an aide to a 100 year-old Baron. At his manor house, Claudia discovers a forgotten diary, a tale of thousands of young men that sacrificed their lives in a pointless war, and the story of Peter, Laust and Inge. Watch it here.
*Previously available on MHz Choice

13 Commandments (13 Geboden) (1 season/13 episodes) – Belgium.
Inspired by the Ten Commandments, a killer commits a series of gruesome crimes. A jaded police officer and his young partner get caught up in the impossible hunt for the murderer. Watch it here.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Acquitted (Frikjent) (1 season/10 episodes) – Norway.
Successful businessman Aksel Borgen returns home to rural Norway to save an ailing local firm from bankruptcy. Despite being acquitted for the murder of his high school sweetheart two decades earlier, Aksel is still haunted by his past and his return opens old wounds for the villagers who turned their back on him all those years ago. Watch it here.
Current status: Series ended after 2 seasons.
*First/also available on MHz Choice

The Adulterer (Overspel) (3 seasons/32 episodes) – Netherlands.
A powerful and compelling tale of sex, love, loyalty, and treachery in this provocative and gripping drama. A chance meeting between photographer, Iris Hoegaarde and top legal attorney, Willem Steenbergen, leads to an instant and undeniable attraction. As they struggle with their feelings for one another, they find themselves and their families entangled in a web of corruption, lies and murder. Watch it here
Current status: Series ended.

Agathe Koltès (1 season/10 episodes) – France.
When a police commander accepts a post in a small town, nobody knows that the young captain who strongly opposed her coming is actually her daughter. As expected, the mother-and-daughter reunion is stormy, but soon their investigations will lead them to rediscover the strong love they have for each other. Watch it here.
Current status: Series ended.

All Heart (Cuori) (1 season/8 episodes) – Italy.
Dreams, ambitions and love inhabit the heart surgery department of the Le Molinette hospital in Turin, at the end of the 1960s. The head physician Cesare Corvara creates a team capable of carrying out the first heart transplant in history. Watch it here.
Current status: Renewed for season 2. In addition Walter Presents/PBS seem to have split the first (16 episode) season into two.

All the Sins (Kaikki synnit) (Season 2 only/6 episodes) – Finland.
Detective Lauri Raiha returns home after 10 years to investigate the murders of two men, only to discover other truths about himself, his hometown, and the true nature of forgiveness. Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Amsterdam Undercover (Der Amsterdam Krimi) (1 season/4 films) – Germany.
A critical case brings German undercover cop Alex Pollack to infiltrate the ruthless drug mafia in Amsterdam. With so much at stake, who can he trust? Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Angel of Death (Szadź) (2 seasons/14 episodes) – Poland.
A small-town policewoman is chasing a vicious serial killer: at stake is first the life of a country girl, and then her own life. Watch it here.
Current status: Season 3 aired in Poland in 2022.

Angela (Come Una Madre) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – Italy.
Angela is a social worker whose life is destroyed by a tragedy. In an attempt to find peace, she returns to the house where she was born in Tuscany where she meets two children, Bruno and Valentina. One day Elena, the children’s mother – who is herself fleeing from a difficult past – asks Angela to keep her children for a couple of hours, and her life takes a new turn. Watch it here.

Anomalia (1 season/8 episodes) – Switzerland.
Neurosurgeon Valerie Rossier moves back to Gruyère with her son to work for renowned Prof. Wassermann. She gradually discovers that she has healing powers – to her great dismay. Watch it here.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Astrid (aka Bright Minds) (Astrid et Raphaëlle) (2 seasons/17 episodes) – France.
Astrid Nielsen works in the library of the judicial police. She has Asperger’s syndrome. With an incredible memory she excels at analyzing files of ongoing investigations. The district commander decides to use it to the fullest, entrusting her with very complex investigations which have remained unsolved to date. Watch it here.
Current status. Renewed for season 3.

Bauhaus (Lotte am Bauhaus) (Miniseries/2 episodes) – Germany.
Against the will of her parents, the artistically gifted Lotte Brendel joins the Weimar Bauhaus, which is led by the visionary Walter Gropius, and becomes part of a movement of young artists that has set out to put the stagnancy of Empire behind it and usher in a new era. Watch it here.

Before We Die (Innan vi dör) (2 seasons/18 episodes) – Sweden.
In this compelling thriller, police detective Hanna Svensson steps in to handle a mysterious informant in a criminal organization when her colleague and lover Sven goes missing. Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Bella Germania (Miniseries/3 episodes) – Germany.
Julia Becker has just found out that her father is still alive. What else has been kept from her–and why? This sprawling family drama spans generations and nations, posing the question, does love truly conquer all? Watch it here.

Below the Surface (Gidseltagningen) (2 seasons/16 episodes) – Denmark.
In a hostage situation that changes Denmark forever, 15 Danes have their lives upended when the Metro train they are travelling on is hijacked. Politicians argue whether to negotiate with terrorists; ordinary Danes wonder if it could just as easily have been them. And among the hostages one thought is shared by all: “Am I going to die now?”  Watch it here.
Current status: Season 2 aired in Denmark in 2019. That is currently presumed to be the final season.
*Previously available on Hulu

Ben (1 season/6 episodes) – France.
Ben Marceau left home after her parents forced her to give up a child. Now she’s back in her hometown, trying to reconcile her new life with her past. Watch it here.
Current status: Assumed to be ended.

The Berlin Dance School (Ku’damm 56/59/63) (3 seasons/9 episodes) – Germany.
Berlin, 1956. Caterina Schollack runs a dance school, with her daughters on a tight leash. But in rock’n’roll, one finds the courage to rebel. Watch it here.
Current status: Listed as a trilogy so Ku’damm 63 is assumed to be the final part of the story.

Besa: Blood Oath (1 season/10 episodes) – Serbia.
Uros’s life is forfeit when he unwittingly kills the daughter of an Albanian crime boss. To protect his family, Uros agrees to become an assassin until his debt is paid. Watch it here.
Current status: Two seasons have aired so far in Serbia.

The Blood Pact (Klem) (3 seasons/30 episodes) – Netherlands.
Two years after becoming a widower, Hugo is struggling to balance his work life and being a single dad to two daughters. Little does he know his life is about to get a whole lot more complicated when his 8-year-old befriends the daughter of a prolific ex-criminal. Watch it here.
Current status: Series ended.

The Boarding School (A Different View) (La Otra Mirada) (2 seasons/21 episodes) – Spain.
Things change massively at a girls’ school in 1920s Sevilla when a new teacher arrives with a secret goal related to the academy itself. Watch it here.
Links: Acquisition news (for US & Canada) (TBI Vision).
Current status: Series ended after 2 seasons (21 episodes).

Box 21 (Roslund & Hellström: Box 21) (1 season/6 episodes) – Sweden/Romania.
Two stories of passionate reprisal twist together, as the lines between criminal and victim are rapidly blurring. Can officer Ewert Grens and his young colleague Mariana Hermansson untangle the complex and deadly web of secrets? What answers does the elusive Box 21 hold? And will Mariana protect the senior officer she so admires? Watch it here.
Square Eyed World links: US premiere date news.
Current status: Three future series based on the Roslund & Hellstrom books are planned. Filming of the second series – Cell 8 – is underway.

Carmen Curlers (1 season/8 episodes) – Denmark.
Follows wiz entrepreneur Axel, who decides to recruit women from the neighboring farms for his production of electronic hair curlers. [PREMIERE DATE: Currently unknown – delayed from Friday, 28 April]
Current status: 3 seasons (24 episodes) are planned with season 2 due for release in Denmark in Autumn 2023.

The Chalet (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
A peaceful village in the French Alps becomes the backdrop for brutal murder, profound paranoia and an unravelling dark past. Watch it here.

Charité (2 seasons/12 episodes) – Germany.
Discover science and medicine in the German Empire through the eyes of aspiring doctor Ida Lenze. Highlighting the work of Robert Koch, Emil Behring, Paul Ehrlich and Rudolf Virchow. Watch it here.
Current status: A 3rd miniseries aired in Germany in 2021. All 3 miniseries are set in different time periods.
*Previously on Netflix

The Cliff (Hamarinn) (2 seasons/8 episodes) – Iceland.
A detective from Reykjavik is sent to a small rural community in Iceland to help a young local policewoman investigate a suspicious accident. Watch it here.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Crimes of Passion (1 season/6 episodes) – Sweden.
Fiery duo Puck Ekstedt and Einar Bure team up with police superintendent Christer Wijk to investigate crimes of passion, for the murderer is always ‘among us’. Each classic whodunnit follows the lives and fortunes of the characters in an exciting thriller filled with love, sex, intrigue, betrayal, secrets, lies, and death. Watch it here.
*Previously available on MHz Choice
Current status: Series ended.

The Crimson Rivers (Les rivières pourpres) (3 seasons/24 episodes) – France.
No case is too shocking or bizarre as two formidable detectives investigate extraordinary crimes in remote areas of France steeped in regional myths and cults of belief. Watch it here.
Current status: Season 3 aired in France in early 2021. Season 4 is expected in 2022.

Dead Beautiful (Les Dames) (1 season/9 films) – France.
As group leader of the Judicial Police in Paris, Martin is responsible for investigating the most atrocious and misogynistic crimes committed in society. Distrustful of everyone, he bears the marks of both his past successes and failures. Luckily, the ladies in his life are on hand to assist him. Watch it here.
Current status: Series ended.

The Defence (Chyłka) (4 seasons/26 episodes) – Poland.
Three-year-old Nikola Szlezyngier disappears in unexplained circumstances and her parents Angelika and Dawid are the main suspects. Angelika contacts an old friend Joanna Chylka, a brilliant, cynical and successful lawyer to help. With her new apprentice Kordian, Joanna will try to bring the case to a happy close. Watch it here.
Current status: The fifth & final season aired in Poland until January 2022. The series will have aired 32 episodes in total.

The Devil’s Throat (Djavolskoto Garlo) (1 season/12 episodes) – Bulgaria.
At the height of the refugee crisis in Bulgaria, local police officer Philip Chanov and profiler Miya Yazova are investigating the murder of a retired police officer in the border town of Smolyan. The clues are gradually tuning them into a terrible secret about a crime that will overturn their investigation and personal fate. Watch it here.
Square Eyed World links: US premiere date news.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Dicte (1 season/10 episodes) – Denmark.
Stubborn and determined, with the help of friends Anne and Ida-Marie and a charming new colleague Bo, Dicte settles back into Aarhus and thrives in her new role at the newspaper. Watch it here.
Current status: Series ended after 3 seasons.
*First/also available on MHz Choice

Dignity (Limited series/8 episodes) – Chile/Germany.
Chilean prosecutor Leo Ramirez is tasked with arresting a cult leader on charges of child abuse. Established by a Nazi fleeing Germany and long protected by General Pinochet’s regime, “Colonia Dignidad” hides more than Leo is prepared to face. Watch it here.

Dresden Detectives (Tatort Dresden) (1 season/9 episodes) – Germany.
Two female detectives clash with their conservative boss, creating conflict but making them more determined than ever to pursue the truth and solve their cases, from online dating apps and the live murder of a social media influencer to a public witch hunt for pedophiles. Watch it here.
Current status: 12 episodes have so far aired in Germany involving this team of detectives.

The Empress (Maria Theresia) (2 seasons/4 episodes) – Austria.
Historical drama series following the life of the woman who ruled the Habsburg Empire from 1740 to 1780. Watch it here.
Links: Acquisition news (Hollywood Reporter).
Current status: Season 3 – a single film making 5 in all – is due to air in early 2022.

Face to Face (Forhøret) (2 seasons/16 episodes) – Denmark.
While at work, an investigator is horrified to find his own daughter on the autopsy table. But to accept the girl’s death, he must confront himself – until he finally faces the unavoidable truth of why she died. Watch it here.
Square Eyed World links: US premiere date news.
Current status: Renewed for a third & final season.

Fatale Station (1 season/10 episodes) – Canada.
Life in Fatale-Station, a secluded village in Quebec, is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Sarah, whose presence unsettles everyone. What does her altruism hide?. Watch it here.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

The First Forgotten (Le premier oublié) (Single Film in two parts) – France.
Following a family drama, Axel cut ties with his family a very long time ago. However, fate catches up to him and confronts him with a painful mystery. To make sense of it, Axel has no choice but to stop fleeing and face his past. Watch it here.

The Good Apprentice (L’allieva) (1 season/12 episodes) – Italy.
Alice is distracted, sometimes anxious, but brightly perceptive with a natural talent for forensics. She has a loving family, a funny flatmate and a crush on her charming supervisor–who might also have feelings for her. To complicate things, she falls for the son of her Institute’s head: Arthur Malcomness, a reporter based in Paris. Watch it here.
Current status: 3 seasons aired in Italy – the last concluding in November 2020.

The Half Brother (Halvbroren) (Miniseries/8 episodes) – Norway.
Based on the best-selling novel by Norwegian author Lars Saabye Christensen, The Half Brother is an evocative saga revolving around the life of screenwriter Barnum Nilsen. His family’s darkest secret occurred on the day that all of Europe rejoiced over the end of WW II. The Half Brother is the story of a splintered family and a parable of 20th Century Europe. Watch it here.

Hassel (1 season/10 episodes) – Sweden.
Hassel is a street-smart detective. When his father figure is brutally murdered, he leads an under-the-radar investigation to avenge his death–with consequences for his family. Watch it here.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Hide and Seek (Pryatki) (1 season/8 episodes) – Ukraine.
A video of a missing girl is posted with a mysterious set of numbers. But what do they mean? Detectives Varta Naumova and Maksim Shumov take on the complex case and their own demons. Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Hotel Sacher (Das Sacher. In bester Gesellschaft) (Miniseries/2 episodes) – Austria/Germany.
The imperial era is about to end; but what will come in its place? Two couples living on the edge, the independent Martha and her unsuccessful husband Max; the romance author Konstanze and her husband Georg; become intertwined as they conduct passionate but doomed affairs. Watch it here.

Hunted (Traqués) (Miniseries/2 episodes) – France.
Sarah leads a lonely life until she meets 11-year-old Leo. His father killed in a shootout and a hitman on his tail, Sarah takes it upon herself to protect the boy–from everyone. Watch it here.

The Hunter (Il cacciatore) (3 seasons/28 episodes) – Italy.
Italy and the mafia were at war in the early 1990s. Saverio Barone, a determined young prosecutor, steps in to fight for the innocents caught up in the carnage. Based on a true story. Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

I Know Who You Are (Sé quién eres) (1 season/16 episodes) – Spain.
When the police find Elias’ wrecked car, they conclude that he was involved in the disappearance of his niece, missing since the accident. Can he prove his innocence? Is he innocent? Watch it here.
Current status: Series ended.

Imperial (Grand Hotel) (1 season/12 episodes) – Italy.
1905: To learn the truth about his sister’s disappearance, a young man infiltrates a hotel in the guise of a waiter and begins an investigation. Remake of the Spanish drama Grand Hotel. Watch it here.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

In Flanders Field (In Vlaamse Velden) (Miniseries/10 episodes) – Belgium.
15-year-old Marie dreams of becoming a doctor, but becomes a nurse at the front line. When the Germans occupy their home, she must find a balance between her world and her family. Watch it here.

The Inner Circle (Den inre cirkeln) (1 season/8 episodes) – Sweden.
There’s a rumor that the Prime Minister may step down, and further rumors about who will succeed her. David Ehrling thinks the job is his, but will his enemies get in the way? Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Inside (A l’intérieur) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
Young police officer Angele’s solo investigation into a death in a psychiatric hospital shakes her grip on reality. Will she able to trust her own mind?. Watch it here.

The Inside Game (Jeux d’influence) (1 season/6 episodes (France)/8 episodes (USA)) – France.
The marketing director of a multinational agrochemical company is discovered drowned in the Seine. An MP is fighting for a ban on a registered pesticide. A sick farmer files a complaint against the multinational that he accuses of being at the root of his disease. The stakes–political, ecological and financial–are high. Watch it here.
Current status: Renewed for season 2.

Inside Suspicion (La part du soupçon) (Miniseries/2 episodes) – France.
Alice lives a normal life as a happy mom, until her whole world is turned upside down: Thomas, her husband—and the father of her child–is suspected of being Antoine Durieux-Jelosse, an infamous assassin who vanished after murdering his entire family 15 years earlier. Watch it here.

Inspector Ricciardi (Il Commissario Ricciardi) (1 season/6 episodes) – Italy.
Turning his terrible secret–the curse he inherited from his mother–into a tool for navigating his most complicated cases, Inspector Ricciardi is committed only to his work. With the help of the faithful brigadier Maione and political coroner Modo, Ricciardi forsakes love in his fight for justice. Watch it here.
Current status: Renewed for season 2.

Interns (Hippocrate) (1 season/8 episodes) – France.
While their hospital is under quarantine for an undetermined duration, 4 medical students must work together to assume the job of their superiors. Watch it here.
Current status: Season 3 is in preparation in France.

Judgement (Les Honorables) (Miniseries/10 episodes) – Canada.
The brutal murder of Judge Dessureaux’s youngest daughter plunges his family into a living hell. When the presumed killer is acquitted, the family decides to seek revenge. Is taking justice into their own hands the best answer? Will this decision really bring peace to the Dessureaux family? Watch it here.

King of the Skies (Vliegende Hollanders) (Miniseries/8 episodes) – Netherlands.
Passionate aviation pioneers Anthony Fokker and Albert Plesman manage to make the Netherlands an important player on the world aviation stage during the interwar period, despite their differences and mutual struggles. Watch it here.

The King of Warsaw (Król) (1 season/8 episodes) – Poland.
Gangster drama set in 1937 Warsaw which follows the rise to power of ruthless Jewish boxer, Jakub Szapiro and a mob war which could determine the fate of Warsaw and the entire country. Based on the book by Szczepan Twardoch. Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

The Last Wave (La dernière vague) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
One day in Brizan, everything changes with the arrival of the first Wave coming from a stagnant arcus over the ocean: a wave of clouds that, like a tsunami, provokes the disappearance of surfers. This is the first of a series of phenomena that will be faced by the inhabitants of this small community. Why is this happening? Watch it here.  

The Lawyer (Advokaten) (Season 2 only/8 episodes) – Sweden.
A young defense lawyer learns the truth behind his parents’ death. To avenge them, he must infiltrate a criminal organization, and become a trusted confidant. Can he handle it? Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Leo Mattei – Special Unit (Léo Matteï, Brigade des mineurs) (2 seasons/16 episodes) – France
Mattei and his team face off against bullies, predators, burglars who might also be poisoners, ghosts from the past–and more–in their fight against those who would harm children. Watch it here.
Current status: Season 9 aired in France in 2022. The show has aired a total of 40 episodes up to March 2022 including 10 x 2 parters (so 30 different stories).

Line of Separation (Tannbach) (2 seasons/6 episodes) – Germany.
After the fall of the Third Reich, the small town of Tannbach is cruelly divided down the middle in the battle between East and West regimes and the town’s inhabitants suffer the consequences. A gripping historical drama exploring the devastating and sobering effects that decades of conflict had on the close-knit German communities after the second world war. Watch season 1 here. Watch season 2 here.
Current status: Series presumed to be ended.

Love and Sacrifice (Sacrificio d’amore) (1 season/12 episodes) – Italy.
From the last year of the Belle Epoque until the arrival of World War One tragically seals their fate, Brando, Silvia, the entire Corradi family–and all the men, women and children tied to their villa and their quarry–must fight for love, for their ideals, for power–and against injustice. Everyone will sacrifice for their passion. Watch it here.
Current status: There is a second (& final) season which aired in Italy in 2018.

Love, Inevitably (Lejos de ti) (1 season/10 episodes) – Spain/Italy.
Massimo is a young businessman from Rome, Italy. Candela is a flamenco dancer from Seville, Spain. Massimo drives an expensive car, always dresses elegantly. Candela is always short of money and struggles to make ends meet. Massimo has never taken a risk in his life, whereas Candela is a free spirit who takes each day as it comes. Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Luisa Spagnoli – Queen of Chocolate (Luisa Spagnoli) (Miniseries/4 episodes) – Italy.
What do the 1920’s, world-famous Perugina chocolate, angora rabbits and high-end tailoring have in common? One woman: Luisa Spagnoli. Teeming with entrepreneurial spirit and endowed with extraordinary modernity and creativity, she made her mark in an environment unfriendly to powerful, visionary women. Watch it here.
*Previously available on MHz Choice

Luna & Sophie (Potsdam Homicide) (SOKO Potsdam) (3 seasons/29 episodes) – Germany.
Luna Kunath is strong-willed but her penchant for naivety gets her into trouble. Sophie Pohlmann seems more mature, but her desire for harmony and fairness can be her weakness. Watch it here.
Current status: Season 4 is currently airing. SOKO: Potsdam is the 9th offshoot of the long running SOKO series which began airing on ZDF in 1978 with SOKO 5113 (now SOKO München).

Madame K (Litsid) (1 season/10 episodes) – Estonia.
Savvy Mrs. Kukk has to look after her business, as well as each and every girl at her small, upscale brothel. The wealthy and powerful clientele all have a different agenda and liaisons. It’s a story of love, power and betrayal as the world is about to change forever. Watch it here.
Current status: A follow up series – The Women’s War – aired in 2021.

The Mafia Only Kills in Summer (La mafia uccide solo d’estate) (2 seasons/24 episodes) – Italy.
As Salvatore struggles with young love, he and his family cannot help but become caught up in the Mafia’s web. Watch it here.
Current status: Seemingly ended after 2 seasons (24 episodes).
*First/also available on MHz Choice

Malaka (1 season/8 episodes) – Spain.
After fifteen years away from her hometown, Inspector Blanca Gamez returns to Malaga. Working under the orders of Commissioner Esteban Sarabia, an old friend of her father, Blanca is assigned to work with Dario Arjona, somewhat of a loose cannon. Watch it here.
Current status: Assumed to be ended.

The Master Butcher (Der Club der singenden Metzger) (Miniseries/4 episodes) (Germany)
Master butcher Fidelis Waldvogel marries a fallen comrade’s pregnant widow after WWI. They emigrate all the way to Argus, North Dakota where the Waldvogels are in for hard times. Watch it here.

Modus (2 seasons/16 episodes) – Sweden.
Psychologist and ex-FBI profiler Inger Johanne Vik finds herself and her autistic daughter, Stina drawn into an investigation surrounding a series of disturbing and brutal deaths in Stockholm. Working with local detective Ingvar Nyman, to find the culprit, a pattern becomes evident as the number of murders increase. The discovery of the killer’s weakness puts Inger and her family in danger. Watch season 1 here. Watch season 2 here.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Monster (1 season/7 episodes) – Norway.
In the dark and remote landscape of northern Norway, a brutal murder reveals a mass grave which links old cases to missing people. Watch it here.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Le Monstre (Miniseries/6 episodes) – Canada.
Sophie falls in love with a captivating young man, but soon her dream of a fairytale life turns upside down, marked by the ill-fated relationship with “M”… M as in Maniac, M as in Manipulator, M as in Monster. Inspired by Ingrid Falaise’s bestseller, “Le Monstre” is the adaptation of a true story of abuse and more importantly, of survival. Watch it here.

Moscow Noir (Dirigenten) (1 season/8 episodes) – Sweden.
Tom Blixen falls into the money-filled sewer of the Russian underworld in this thriller. Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

The Mountain Detective (Alex Hugo) (1 season/9 episodes) – France.
Alex Hugo, a former policeman from Marseilles, leaves the city in search of tranquility, but ends up having to confront violence in the mountains. Watch it here.
Current status: Ongoing in France since 2014 with 22 episodes having aired so far & 3 more confirmed for 2022. The first episode available on Walter Presents appears to be Season 4, Episode 2.

Munch (2 seasons/18 episodes) – France.
Gabrielle Munchowski is a lawyer unlike any other; running a law firm with her friend and associate Hubert Bellanger, Munch and her team take on tough cases, defending the innocent and marginal, against all odds. Bold and irreverent, she will cross any line, even if it means bending the law and she will stop at nothing to defend her clients. Watch it here.
Current status: Renewed for season 5.

Murder in Sweden (Maria Wern) (1 season) – Sweden
A Swedish policewoman is confronted with crime on Gotland Island. [PREMIERE DATE: Friday, 19 May]
Current status: 8 series (22 episodes) have aired in Sweden up to 2021.

A Murder of Crows (Der Kommissar und das Kind/Der Kommissar und die Wut) (2 seasons/3 films) – Germany.
Together with his loyal team, Martin Bruhl solves convoluted cases, where nothing is ever as it seems. Unable to eat or sleep until a case is solved, it takes a physical and mental toll. Luckily Martin has the full support of his colleague and lover, criminal psychologist Susanne, who knows all his secrets. Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Néboa (1 season/8 episodes) – Spain.
On the remote island of Neboa, the body of the young woman is found in the “Burato do Demo,” a seaside cave surrounded by superstitions and legends. Lieutenant Monica Ortiz if brought in to investigate, but the locals already know who the killer is: Urco, a man with a wolf’s head who comes out of the sea to kill during carnival. Watch it here.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Nina (2 seasons/18 episodes) – France.
Forced to interrupt her studies in medicine for 10 years to raise her daughter Lily, who was stricken with cancer, Nina put her career on hold. Now that Lily is cured, 39-year-old Nina intends to take life back into her own hands by becoming a nurse at the Madeleine Brès Hospital. Watch it here.
Current status: Series aired 6 seasons (56 episodes) in France – ending in 2021.

The Nordic Murders (Der Usedom-Krimi) (2 seasons/10 episodes) – Germany.
Former district attorney Karin Lossow and Detective Chief Superintendent Julia Thiel, a powerful mother and daughter team, investigate criminal cases on the island of Usedom. Watch it here.
Current status: A total of 16 episodes have so far aired in Germany (up to 18 November 2021).

Off Grid (Vite in fuga) (1 season/12 episodes) – Italy.
Claudio and Silvia Caruana have money, respectability, a 20-year marriage and two children who have never given them trouble. But when Claudio is engulfed in a financial scandal–and the main suspect in his colleague’s murder–the family has no choice but to flee, to save themselves and discover the truth. Watch it here.

Olivia (1 season/6 episodes) – France.
Five years after her spectacular revenge (Bright Eyed Revenge), Olivia Alessandri has set up her own law firm promising to fight the worst forms of injustice. Watch it here.
Current status: Series ended.

Our Miracle Years (Unsere wunderbaren Jahre) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – Germany.
Follow 3 sisters of an industrialist family in post-war Germany. In a politically, morally and economically destroyed country, these young women reinvent themselves and set the course for their future. Watch it here.

Paradise (Il paradiso delle signore) (4 seasons/40 episodes) – Italy.
The fiery Teresa Iorio takes her chance for freedom and goes to Milan to help her aunt and uncle with their small textiles store. She finds herself working as a shopgirl at the rival department store, Il Paradiso Delle Signore, where owner Pietro Mori and his right-hand man Vittorio Conti both take an interest in her. Watch it here.
Current status: After two primetime series (40 episodes) the show became an afternoon soap opera and has aired 540 episodes in Italy up to May 2021 with the 6th season (160 episodes) airing from September 2021.
*Previously available on Acorn.

The Paris Murders (Profilage) (5 seasons/54 episodes) – France.
Police profiler Chloe Saint-Laurent must work with Detective Rocher, a hard-nosed cop with a cranky disposition and no time for small talk. Watch it here.
US link: Walter Presents on PBS Masterpiece. *The first season available on Walter Presents is actually Season 4 (2013).
Current status: Series ended after 10 seasons (102 episodes).

Presumed Guilty (Presento Culpable) (1 season/13 episodes) – Spain.
Jon Aristegui returns to his hometown to come face-to-face with the ghosts from his past and a mystery that was never solved: the disappearance of his girlfriend. Watch it here.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Professor T. (3 seasons/39 episodes) – Belgium.
Not everyone in the Antwerp Homicide division is pleased to receive the expert advice of Jasper Teerlinck, a professor of criminal psychology whose curious methods ruffle a few feathers. Watch it here.
Current status: Series ended.

Pulled Apart (Jamais sans toi, Louna) (Single Film).
A baby, only a few months old, is hospitalized. The doctors immediately suspect the parents of child abuse and refuse to listen to anything the parents offer as an explanation in this incredibly moving story of how human lives can be blown to bits by insidious rumors and blind justice. Watch it here.

The Ranger (Jonas Waldek) (Der Ranger – Paradies Heimat) (1 season/6 films) – Germany.
Jonas takes a job as a park ranger, but he does more than look after precious wildlife as he touches hearts and saves lives. Watch it here.
Current status: Two more films are planned for 2022.

Raven (Kruk. Szepty slychac po zmroku) (1 season/6 episodes) – Poland.
Sent back to his hometown in the north of Poland, Detective Kruk is on the trail of smugglers when a young boy in the same village goes missing. Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Recoil (Rekyl) (Miniseries/8 episodes) – Norway.
Ex-con Robin wants a fresh start but his old gang is waiting for him. Drawn back into his old life, he agrees to investigate the police with his old gang. Watch it here.

Redemption (Standing Tall) (Io ti cercherò) (1 season/8 episodes) – Italy.
Valerio is an ex-cop. After losing his job and the affection of his only son Ettore, he isolated himself from everything and everyone. Then, he receives the most awful news imaginable: Ettore is dead, his body found sprawled askew along a bank of the Tiber River. Almost everyone is certain that it was suicide–but not Valerio. Watch it here.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended as conceived as a miniseries.

Remember (Souviens-toi) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
It’s a horrific crime scene. A couple and their baby are found savagely murdered in their living room. The bodies are covered in blood, but bear no wounds. The couple’s 7-year-old daughter, Madeleine, is miraculously unhurt. But the traumatized girl has lost her memory and can’t utter a single word. Why was she left unscathed?. Watch it here.

Rocco Schiavone: Ice Cold Murders (Rocco Schiavone) (4 seasons/32 episodes) – Italy.
Based on the detective novels written by Antonio Manzini. After landing on the wrong side of the wrong people in Rome, Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone is exiled to Aosta, a small, touristy alpine town far from the cobbled streets and fritto misto of his beloved city. Watch it here.
Current status: Season 4 aired in Italy in March 2021. Renewed for season 5.

The Room (La Sala) (1 season/8 episodes) – Spain.
Yago Costa, with his uncommon intelligence and subdued personality, was a legendary investigator–until he committed murder. Now in prison, he aims to tell the world why he did it. Watch it here.

Rosy Abate (Rosy Abate: La Serie) (1 season/10 episodes) – Italy.
Spun off from the popular Squadra Antimafia, Rosy Abate finds Rosy, believed dead in an explosion, living in Liguria under a new identity. While working on having a normal life, she discovers that her son is still alive and will stop at nothing to get him back. Watch it here. [SEASON 2 PREMIERE DATE: Friday, 26 May]
Current status: 2 seasons aired in Italy – the last concluding in October 2019.

The Same Sky (Der gleiche Himmel) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – Germany.
In this carefully crafted and emotionally involving period spy drama from Germany based in Cold War Berlin, a young East German spy has been meticulously trained to prey upon lonely female NATO analysts. Watch it here.

Saving Lisa (Sauver Lisa) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
Rose Keller is a substitute teacher on assignment in Saint-Nazaire when she meets the charming Lisa. Soon Rose realizes that Lisa is suffering abuse at home, and that her life could even be in danger if no action is taken. Faced with the impotence of social services, Rose takes matters into her own hands.Watch it here.

Seaside Hotel (Badehotellet) (9 seasons/55 episodes) – Denmark.
From 1928-33, the world is heading for disaster. Follow the lives of the hotel’s regulars and the local staff as the mood swings from optimism to crisis. Watch it here.
Current status: A 10th & final season is due in 2024.

Seizure (Besatt) (1 season/8 episodes) – Norway.
Detectives Max and Sander are investigating the death of four immigrant boys. Soon, both men are haunted by horrible nightmares. Max and Sander have to face their own worst nightmares and eventually do battle with their own misdeeds to solve the mystery. If they don’t, they risk losing their minds. Watch it here.
Square Eyed World links: US premiere date news.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

The Silence of Water (Il silenzio dell’acqua) (2 seasons/16 episodes) – Italy.
During the Saint Sofia festival, it becomes clear that a young girl is missing. When her body is found after hours of searching, the entire town must face some difficult truths. Watch it here.
Current status: 2 seasons aired in Italy – the last concluding in December 2020.

Silent Hunt (Polizeiruf 110: München) (1 season/8 episodes) – Germany.
On cases involving satellite control systems for the arms industry, Turkish extremists, international money laundering and murder in a retirement home, Det. von Meuffels brings a unique but effective approach to police work, drawing in suspects with the power of good investigative skills and a well-practiced silence. Watch it here.
Square Eyed World links: US premiere date news.
Current status: The character of Hanns von Meuffeels appeared in 15 Polizeiruf 110 episodes between August 2011 and December 2018.

Sins of the Fathers (Odwróceni. Ojcowie i córki) (1 season/8 episodes) – Poland.
The old Warsaw mafia was abolished by former commissioner Sikora. Gangster Blacha became a businessman. Sikora’s daughter is a police officer and Blacha’s daughter is a lawyer. When Sikora’s daughter investigates a series of violent murders, the commissioner and the gangster have to cooperate to survive. Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Sisi: Austrian Empress (Sisi) (1 season/6 episodes) – Austria/Germany.
Meet Sisi, Europe’s first superstar. With her beauty, love of freedom and promise to give the Habsburg monarchy a gentler face, this legendary empress inspired the whole of the continent. Watch it here.
Current status: A 3rd season has been confirmed.

Sisters 1968 (Systrar 1968) (Miniseries/3 episodes) – Sweden.
In the summer of 1968, Karin and Lottie rent rooms from Georg who owns the local newspaper, his wife Ulla and daughter Ingela who will soon marry. Ystad is a town of old traditions, but Karin and Lottie see a future where there is room for both women and men, sex and politics, children and work. Watch it here.

Solo (1 season/8 episodes) – Italy.
Marco slides himself into the criminal mechanisms of the Corona family, earning the trust of an elderly and unscrupulous head of the family, Don Antonio. Watch it here. [SEASON 2 PREMIERE DATE: Friday, 12 May]
Current status: Series ended in 2018 after two seasons.

Something to Hide (Le Mensonge) (Miniseries/4 episodes) – France.
Marriage. Family. Career. Everything in Claude’s life is a success in this fiction freely inspired by the story of Christian Iacono. For his beloved grandson Lucas, life is much less cheerful: his parents are divorcing and he craves attention. Then one day, Lucas accuses his grandfather of rape. Watch it here.

Stanley (Stanley H) (Miniseries/4 episodes) – Netherlands.
Stanley Hillis was a low-level career criminal who enjoyed a meteoric rise to cartel status with impressive illusiveness, unique cunning–and help from the police. Watch it here.

St. Maik (Sankt Maik) (3 seasons/28 episodes) – Germany.
Con artist Maik Schäfer switches his fake conductor’s suit for a real soutane while trying to escape custody and ends up in the catholic parish of Läuterberg. Watch it here.
Current status: The third and final season aired in Germany in 2021.

Swoon (Eld & lågor) (Film/miniseries/2 episodes) – Sweden.
In the heart of Stockholm, the beautiful Grona Lund–with its carousels for families–is locked in a decades-long rivalry with Nojesfaltet–a simple amusement park with cheap beer, live music and lightly dressed ladies. But as WWII rages, the young heirs, John and Ninni, find love more thrilling than war. Loosely inspired by actual events. Watch it here.

The Teacher (Belfer) (S2 only/8 episodes) – Poland.
A teacher’s personal quest to find the truth behind a student’s death reveals a disturbing trail of political and big business corruption in this tense and enthralling Polish thriller. Watch it here.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

They Were Ten (Ils étaient dix) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
Ten strangers are invited to a hotel on a deserted tropical island. They quickly realize they’re alone–and completely cut off from the rest of the word. Why were they lured here? The answer lies hidden in the pasts they tried to bury. Now, they’ll have to pay. Based on Agatha Christie’s worldwide best-selling novel And Then There Were None. Watch it here.

Thicker Than Water (Tjockare än vatten) (2 seasons/20 episodes) – Sweden.
A mother’s attempt to reunite her three adult children forces them to confront dark family secrets in this atmospheric drama set on an idyllic Swedish island. Watch it here.
*First/also available on MHz Choice
Current status: Season 3 was released on Viaplay in 2020.

Thou Shalt Not Kill (Non uccidere) (4 seasons/48 episodes) – Italy.
Stubborn and determined detective Valeria Ferro endeavors to solve the challenging puzzle behind crimes motivated by jealousy, vendettas and repressed anger to seek the truth and justice. All as she struggles with her own demons and the phantoms of her past that come back to life when her mother is released from jail after a 17 year prison sentence. Watch it here.
Current status: Series presumed to be ended.

The Time In Between (El tiempo entre costuras) (Miniseries/17 episodes) – Spain.
High fashion and high drama combine for Sira, a young Spanish seamstress who finds herself living a double life in Tangier as a prominent couturier and government informant. As global tensions rise, Sira finds herself back in Madrid, now as an Allied spy. Watch it here.
*Previously available on Netflix & Hulu

Top Dog (1 season/8 episodes) – Sweden.
Philip Schale has been kidnapped. As the son of her firm’s most important client–one of Sweden’s most important families–Emily must find him if she wants a future at Leijon. If Teddy wants a fresh start, he needs to find Philip. With her resources and his experience, they might just be unstoppable. Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Transfers (Transferts) (1 season/6 episodes) – France.
In a near future, scientists can keep a person alive by transferring their mind into another body. A procedure once used for medical purposes, transfers were soon outlawed. This is the world Florian Bassot wakes up to after five years in a coma. Watch it here.

Trauma (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
Veteran cop Adam Belmont wakes up with amnesia to discover a captive young woman in his basement, and no memory of how she got there. Watch it here.

Troubled Waters (Eaux Turbulentes) (Miniseries/4 episodes) – Canada.
Back in her hometown after a tragic mistake that destroyed her career, detective Marianne Desbiens is immediately thrust into a homicide investigation. Meanwhile, her 15-year-old son Billy isn’t thrilled with the sudden change but is willing to give small-town life a shot if it means reconnecting with his estranged father. Watch it here.

True North (Les pays d’en haut) (1 season/10 episodes) – Canada.
When the future of Quebec was being forged amongst countless plots to seize power and territory, witness the passion of the young trio Seraphin, Donalda and Alexis. Watch it here.
Current status: Walter Presents USA has picked up seasons 1 to 5. Renewed for season 6.

Truth (La verdad) (1 season/16 episodes) – Spain.
A young woman appears in a coastal city claiming to be a girl who went missing a decade earlier, but her account leaves many questions unanswered. Watch it here.
Current status: The series concluded in Spain in December 2018 after 16 episodes split across 2 seasons.

Tunnel of Dreams (Gotthard) (Miniseries/2 episodes) – Switzerland.
Three young people forge a friendship that defies differences of social class to tackle dramas together: the German engineer Max, well-to-do and shy suitor to the innkeeper’s lively, cocky daughter Anna, and Tommaso, the hot-headed Italian who is deeply, passionately in love with Anna and cannot hide his feelings. Watch it here.

Two Sisters (Sorelle) (1 season/12 episodes) – Italy.
Chiara, a brilliant lawyer living single and childless in Rome, must step in when her niece and nephews are left alone. Chiara’s estranged sister Elena has disappeared before, but this time feels different. Now, it up to Chiara to return home and look after them–and to defend them from the unsympathetic locals. Watch it here.
Current status: The series aired one season in Italy – concluding in April 2017.

Under Suspicion (Bajo sospecha) (2 seasons/18 episodes) – Spain.
Two undercover agents are assigned to investigate the disappearance of young Alicia Vega. Watch it here.
Current status: Series ended after 2 seasons.

The Vanishing (Das Verschwinden) (Miniseries/8 episodes) – Germany.
In a small town near the German-Czech border, Janine and her friends Manu and Laura have slid down the path of error. Having last been seen dazed and injured, Janine suddenly vanishes. A resolute single mother, Michelle places little weight on the creaky mechanisms of the local police. Watch it here.

The Wagner Method (César Wagner) (1 season/5 episodes)
Recently transferred to Strasbourg, Cesar tries to adjust to his new team and an uninhibited medical examiner. The catch? His mother is the mayor, so it’s hard to earn any trust. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles. Watch it here.
Current status: Series is ongoing with 2 new episodes currently being filmed.

The Wall (La faille) (3 seasons/25 episodes) – Canada.
In Fermont, a small mining town, detective Celine Trudeau discovers “The Wall” – an immense structure that protects the inhabitants from the icy Arctic wind. And it’s a crime scene. Watch it here.
Current status: Series ended.

What the Future Holds (El día de mañana) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – Spain.
Justo Gil rises all the way into the ranks of Barcelona’s dolce vita and into the heart of Carme. But when he loses Carme’s uncle’s investment, it costs him even more than her love. Watch it here.

Witch Hunt (Heksejakt) (1 season/8 episodes) – Norway.
Brilliant law firm CFO Ida Waage finds a €450,000 invoice on her desk, but hesitates – is it a scam? Who can she trust? Should she blow the whistle? Watch it here.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Witnesses (Les Témoins) (2 seasons/14 episodes) – France.
Desecrated graves, dead bodies dug up and left in model homes–every time, the same ritual: a woman, a man, a teenager, who weren’t related but who form a new family. Amid the bodies, a photo: the one of Paul Maisonneuve, a retired police legend. Who is digging up the bodies? Who is leaving them in model homes and why? Watch it here.
Current status: Season 2 (8 episodes) aired in 2017. The series is assumed to be cancelled.
*Previously available on Netflix

Previously Available

*Some of these shows may only have been available on Walter Presents own Amazon channel prior to their link up with PBS Masterpiece & other platforms.

23 Cases (23 Morde – Bereit für die Wahrheit?) (1 season/6 episodes) – Germany.
Detectives Tara Scholl and Henry Kloss suspect Max Rapp is innocent of at least three of the murders to which he confessed. Will Rapp prove his innocence? Or is he playing a sick game? Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Baron Noir (2 seasons/16 episodes) – France.
In a tale of epic scale, French politician and Mayor of Dunkirk Philippe Rickwaert thirsts for revenge against his political enemies. To save his own campaign, Rickwaert is sacrificed by his mentor and candidate of the left-wing party, Francis Laugier. Rickwaert’s career is in ruin, step by step, he plots against Laugier while forging an alliance with his closest advisor, Amélie Dorendeu. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended after 3 seasons.

Black Widow (Penoza) (4 seasons/38 episodes) – Netherlands.
Carmen, the daughter of a notorious Amsterdam drug lord, reluctantly takes charge of the family’s smuggling business in order to clear her husband’s debts.
Current status: Series ended after 5 seasons (48 episodes).

The Body Collector (De Zaak Menten) (Miniseries/3 episodes) – Netherlands.
The true story of how investigative journalist Hans Knoop attempted to uncover the truth behind Pieter Menten, a man responsible for the execution of Jewish families in Poland during the war. Old Amazon link.

Bright-Eyed Revenge (La vengeance aux yeux clairs) (2 seasons/14 episodes) – France.
Convinced they played a part in her family’s murder, Olivia infiltrates the wealthy Chevalier clan and must use her sharp wits to hack into the private lives of her enemies. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended. The spin off series Olivia is also available on Walter Presents.

Cain (Detective Cain) (2 seasons/18 episodes) – France.
Crime drama following police detective Cain, a strong, determined cop with a quirky sense of humour and a robust disrespect for the rules who just happens to be in a wheelchair. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended after 8 seasons. The seasons available on Walter Presents were seasons 3 & 4.

The Cleaning Lady (La chica que limpia) (1 season/13 episodes) – Argentina.
Single mother Rosa is forced to become “the cleaning lady” for the local mob. Her spotless cleaning skills ensure any crime scene is free from incriminating evidence, but the detectives assigned to the case, curious about the immaculately wiped down scenes, begin to suspect Rosa’s involvement… Old Amazon link.
Current status: Pending (Link in Spanish).

Code 37: Sex Crimes (Code 37) (3 seasons/39 episodes) – Belgium.
Hannah Maes, is the new Chief Detective Inspector of vice squad, “Code 37”. Together with old-timer Charles, macho Bob and rookie Kevin, they form a special unit team, that investigates the underbelly of Ghent’s most serious and brutal sexual offense crimes; rape, incest, pornography, abuse, paedophilia, exhibitionism, harassment and discrimination. No stone is unturned to seek justice. Old Amazon link.
Note this series is/was available on Walter Presents via Roku and Comcast Xfinity but not PBS Masterpiece.
Current status: Series ended in 2012.

Contact (1 season/8 episodes) – France.
Thomas has an extraordinary ability, when he touches an object, he feels the “psychic footprint” of its owner. All objects hold memories, some good and some bad – dark secrets. Avenging his parent’s brutal murder and the kidnapping of his sister, Thomas was sentenced to life imprisonment, until the FBI offered him a freedom deal, in exchange for his unique gift to help solve chilling crimes. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended. (Link in French).

The Court (Réttur) (2 seasons/12 episodes) – Iceland.
Logi Traustason is a brilliant lawyer whose only concern is winning his cases, no matter what. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended. Season 3 was released on Netflix in the US as Case.

Cover Story (Pressa) (2 seasons/12 episodes) – Iceland.
When Lára, a journalist on maternity leave finds herself newly single and in deep financial trouble, her outlook is bleak. Enter handsome and notorious businessman Hrafn: aware of her intuitive skills as an investigator, he hires her to prove his innocence in a case involving the murder of a young woman. Lára is saved from her desperate financial situation, but at what cost? Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended after 3 seasons. The seasons available on Walter Presents were seasons 2 & 3.

Dead Man Working (Deadly Money) (TV Film/Miniseries/2 episodes) – Germany.
When a high-flying banker falls to his death, his protégé, Tom, and his wife, Nora, are determined to get to the truth behind the tragedy. Was it insanity-fueled suicide, or mounting pressures from his CEO, which led him to the roof and over the edge? Or was it another kind of beast altogether? Old Amazon link.

A Deadly Union (Noces Rouges) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
A bride is found dead, and what first looks like suicide could well be murder. When Vincent, a family friend, investigates, he stumbles on some very dark secrets. Old Amazon link.

Duel (Duel en ville) (Miniseries/4 episodes) – France.
One October evening, Mayor Dellas accidentally kills his mistress. New in town, Inspector Alexander Konygnski is determined to uncover the truth. Seeking re-election, Dellas feels threatened by this renewed attention, and is driven to extreme lengths to protect his career and reputation. Old Amazon link.

Elite Squad (Flics) (2 seasons/8 episodes) – France.
Two cops: one plays by the book; the other is all instinct, aggression and rough justice. Once best friends but now sworn enemies, they are forced to work together to bring down a dangerous organised crime syndicate. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

Emma (1 season/2 episodes) – France.
When Commander Fred Vitulo finds out that intern Emma Faure is an android, he doesn’t know how he’s going to teach humanity to a machine. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

Fear by the Lake (Peur sur le lac) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
Lise and Clovis are facing a completely new threat. A virus is spreading across Annecy. Is this an accident? A criminal act? An act of terrorism? This is the third mini-series following Vanished by the Lake and Killer by the Lake. Old Amazon link.

Fenix (Miniseries/8 episodes) – Netherlands.
Rens and Jara return home to Brabant to confront the demons of their past, where they both discover new sides of themselves. Old Amazon link.

Flight HS13 (Vlucht HS13) (1 season/10 episodes) – Netherlands.
Mourning the death of her husband Simon, in a plane crash that killed all on-board, Liv is shocked to discover that Simon lied to her and was not in fact a passenger on the tragic flight. As she seeks to get to the bottom of the truth surrounding her husband’s mysterious disappearance, Liv uncovers secrets that threaten to destroy her entire family… Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Flight of the Storks (TV Film/Miniseries/2 episodes) – France.
Jonathan Anselme, a young English academic, teams up with Max Böhm, an amateur ornithologist, to follow storks on their migration from Switzerland to Africa. But when Max is found dead in mysterious circumstances, Jonathan decides to make the trip alone. As he follows the intercontinental route of the birds, Jonathan slowly discovers the dark secrets surrounding Böhm’s gruesome murder… Old Amazon link.

Floodland (Grenslanders) (1 season/8 episodes) – Belgium/Netherlands.
In the remote region between the Netherlands and Flanders, a girl is found wandering. Psychiatrist Bert Dewulf is put onto the case, while inspector Tara Dessel investigates a shootout. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Forgotten Girls (Les oubliées) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
When a young woman goes missing, Lieutenant Christian Janvier is convinced the disappearance is linked to the unsolved cases of six other missing girls – girls he refers to as “the forgotten” – who have vanished without a trace over the course of the past fifteen years. Old Amazon link.

Framed (Bellicher) (1 season/10 episodes) – Netherlands.
Successful communications consultant, Michael Bellicher, is forced to become a fugitive when his identity is stolen and he is framed for the murder of a colleague. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

Frozen Sky (Der Kalte Himmel) (TV Film/Miniseries/2 episodes) – Germany.
Fighting against the prejudices of late 1960s Germany, a mother will stop at nothing to find her son a proper psychiatric diagnosis. To society, he is a problem child; to his mother, he is gifted. Old Amazon link.

Guardian of the Castle (Cuvar dvorca) (Miniseries/4 episodes) – Croatia.
Years after Croatian secret agent Dragi assassinated a family endangering the communist regime, another job goes horribly wrong. Have the German secret service been tipped off? Old Amazon link.

Home Ground (Heimebane) (2 seasons/18 episodes) – Norway.
Helena Mikkelsen is Norway’s first female coach of a male premiere team, struggling at work to make herself heard in a male-dominated room. Old Amazon link.
Current status: NRK appear to have cancelled the show but the production company is looking for another platform for a 3rd season.

Home Guards (Veszettek) (TV Film/Miniseries/2 episodes) – Hungary.
When charismatic new police chief, Captain Acs, arrives in the dead-end town of Tarnad, Hungary, he begins to recruit the young criminals of the town into a vigilante group known as The Young Citizen’s Home Guard. Caught up in the Captain’s ostensibly innocuous plans are petty thief, Joci, and his straight-A student brother Máté. Old Amazon link.

Hotel Adlon (Das Adlon. Eine Familiensaga) (Miniseries/3 episodes) – Germany.
In 1904, unmarried teenager Alma Schadt gives birth to a daughter, Sonja. To avoid a scandal, Alma’s parents – Gustaf and Otille Schadt, friends and patrons of Lorenz Adlon – pretend the child is their own, creating a dark secret that will interweave the Hotel Adlon and the Schadt family for nearly a century. Old Amazon link.

The Hunter (Le Chausser) (1 season/6 episodes) – France.
The hunter becomes the hunted when a hitman’s past comes back to haunt him in this slick, entertaining French crime thriller about an assassin working for his overprotective mother. Old Amazon link.

Innocent (Innocente) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
Roxane is convicted of murder when she wakes up confused next to the body of a dead man. After serving 8 years in prison, she is determined to find out the truth and clear her name. Old Amazon link.

Inspector Falke (Tatort Hamburg und Umgebung) (2 seasons/13 films) – Germany.
Inspector Thorsten Falke and his partner Julia Goez return with a vengeance to the streets of Hamburg, taking down the city’s most dangerous criminal gangs. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Ongoing as part of the Tatort series. A total of 15 films have aired so far.

The Invisibles (Neviditelní) (1 season/13 episodes) – Czech Republic.
A businessman discovers he has a hidden gene that enables him to breathe water, threatening the existence of the secret Aquarian race. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

Just One Look (Juste un regard) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
Eva and her family lead a peaceful life in France until one a day a photograph arrives in the mail that turns her world upside-down. Old Amazon link.

Kepler(s) (1 season/6 episodes) – France.
Samuel Kepler, a cop damaged by his work, is forced to return to the field when a body is found in a macabre scene. For Kepler, the price of finding the truth may well be his sanity. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

Killer by the Lake (Le tueur du lac) (Miniseries/8 episodes) – France.
Lise and Clovis are now married and living on the shores of Lake Annecy. As the couple takes on a demanding new investigation, Clovis begins to reveal a dark side. This is the second miniseries (following Vanished by the Lake and preceding Fear by the Lake). Old Amazon link.

The Lens (Clona) (1 season/7 episodes) – Czech Republic.
The 25-year-old son of a respected police officer reluctantly joins the force as a traffic photographer after repeatedly failing to get into film school. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

Lifeline (Pulsaciones) (1 season/13 episodes) – Spain.
Alex, a reputed surgeon, leads a normal life until he has a heart attack and receives a heart transplant with consequences. From that moment onwards, he starts having strange nightmares about the murder of his heart donor. Alex is compelled to investigate this death and to live between two families, his own and Rodrigo’s, the man whose death allowed him to continue living. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

Maltese: The Mafia Detective (Maltese – Il romanzo del Commissario) (Miniseries/8 episodes) – Italy.
A detective fights against corruption, driven by an insatiable desire for justice, in this crime drama blending the pathos of The Godfather with the stylized beauty of Mad Men. Old Amazon link.

Mama’s Angel (1 season/10 episodes) – Israel.
The dead body of a seven-year-old boy, is found under a memorial for air force heroes, which was desecrated the same night by an 18-year-old military service ditcher and artist Rafa. Rafa is caught red handed for defacing the memorial, but is he guilty of murder? Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Manon 5 Years On (Manon 20 ans) (Miniseries/3 episodes) – France.
A few years after leaving reform school, Manon aged 20 has acquired her diploma as a mechanic. The person we came to know as a teenager must now face up to the working world. Manon’s violent tendencies come to the surface again as she encounters disappointment and conflict when trying to juggle her work, love life and complex relationship with her mother. This is the second of two miniseries, following Three Times Manon. Old Amazon link.

Match Day (Virage Nord) (Miniseries/3 episodes) – France.
A quiet community is devastated by the murder of a teenage supporter during a local football match. Parisian detective Alex returns to her home town to investigate the case and soon discovers a sinister web of sexual exploitation and corruption. Old Amazon link.

Merciless (Dupla Identidade) (1 season/13 episodes) – Brazil.
A brutal but charismatic serial killer lives the life of a handsome and successful political advisor. He infiltrates the police to play a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with the forensic psychiatrist in charge of tracking down the murderer. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended (Link in Portuguese).

The Mind of a Murderer (Tatort Dortmund) (1 season/8 films) – Germany.
New to the squad, Chief Inspector Peter Faber takes an unorthodox approach to solving violent crimes at the Dortmund Police Force. Tensions are brought to a boiling point for him and his team of expert detectives in their work and home lives, with fresh cases and old ties. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Ongoing as part of the Tatort series. 11 more films have aired in Germany – the most recent in November 2021.

The Money Shot (Xanadu) (1 season/8 episodes) – France.
Meet the Valadine’s, a typical family, who run an unusual family business, a porn empire – Xanadu. For over 40 years, patriarch Alex Valadine, has ruled the French X-rated film industry. Gone are the days of 70s soft focus, satin and lace erotica. Xanadu needs to join the digital age and the Valadine’s discover they need one another like never before, if their business is to survive. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

Mother is Wrong (The Other Mother) (Maman a tort) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
Captain Marianne Aubrais is a detective with the Le Havre Police Department. Should she believe a child who tells her that his mother is not his mother? Is the child telling the truth? Old Amazon link.

Mystery in Paris (Mystère à Paris) (Film series/7 films) – France.
In the late 1800s, a series of murders occurs in Paris: at the Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower, the Opera Garnier, the Place Vendome, the Louvre, the Sorbonne, and the Elysee Palace. Series of standalone films which aired in France from 2011 to 2018. Old Amazon link.

The Neighbors (The Swingers) (Nieuwe buren) (2 seasons/20 episodes) – Netherlands.
A couple move into a new house and become increasingly friendly with their next-door neighbors, but as they become increasingly friendly, there are consequences. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Four seasons have aired so far.

New Texas (Nieuw Texas) (1 season/13 episodes) – Belgium.
Following the sudden death of the family patriarch, the four Vrancken brothers are set to inherit a large, expensive villa purchased in secret by their father. However, there is one important stipulation in the contract: the argumentative brothers must first live together under the same roof for an entire year before they can claim their inheritance. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

Nick’s Law (Tatort Hamburg) (1 season/4 films) – Germany.
Detective Inspector Nick Tschiller and his new partner, Yalcin Gümer, are determined to bring down the leaders of the Hamburg criminal underworld – the notorious Astan clan. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Part of the Tatort series. 6 films have aired in Germany so far.

Night and Day (Nit i dia) (2 seasons/26 episodes) – Spain.
Whilst working on a series of harrowing cases a forensic pathologist, Sara Grau, finds the key to a case in which she has unwittingly become a prime target. Old Amazon link.
Current status: The series was originally renewed for a third season but that seems to be on hold due to financial restrictions at TV3 (Link in Catalan).

No Limit (3 seasons/22 episodes) – France.
In exchange for experimental treatment on his brain tumor, a former soldier works on a series of clandestine missions for a mysterious Black Ops government organization. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

No Second Chance (Une Chance de trop) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
Alice is shot in the back, her husband is murdered, and her daughter kidnapped. Faced with inept police, who at times suspect her, she begins her own hunt for her baby and the culprits. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles. Old Amazon link.

Norskov (1 season/10 episodes) – Denmark.
Raw, brooding drama in which police detective Tom Noack returns home to Norskov, an industrial port in northern Denmark, after 20 years away to clean up the town’s all-consuming drug problem. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended after 2 seasons (16 episodes).

Point Blank (Auf kurze Distanz) (TV Film/Miniseries/2 episodes) – Germany.
Young officer Klaus Roth is caught by surprise when he is assigned the role of undercover investigator, tasked with infiltrating a Serbian gang responsible for bet fixing. Frank Dudek, head of the criminal investigation department, is not entirely persuaded by Klaus’s ability, but his hands are tied, as the operation needs an investigator with Serbian roots. Old Amazon link.

Pure Evil (Malicia) (1 season/13 episodes) – Argentina.
On his release from jail, Hugo Lopez, the psychopathic leader of The Sons of Saturn cult, begins to torment the ex-cop whose daughter he killed three years ago. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

The Raid (Alemão: Both Sides of the Operation) (Miniseries/3 episodes) – Brazil.
Brazil, 2010: Just as the Brazilian government launch a military-assisted siege on Vila Cruzeiro, one of Rio de Janeiro’s most notorious and criminally-controlled favelas, the identities of four undercover policemen operating in the slum are accidentally leaked. As violence mounts, the favela’s ruthless boss, Playboy, orders his men to hunt them down. Old Amazon link.

Reborn (Le repenti) (Miniseries/2 episodes) – France.
A former crook who is believed to be dead has built a new life abroad after extensive reconstructive facial surgery. The old judge in charge of his case tracks him down and asks him to go back to his home town to infiltrate the criminal gang he used to work with under his new identity. Old Amazon link.

Resistance (Résistance) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
Set during the Second World War and based on true events, Resistance tells the story of a group of young heroes fighting for freedom from German Nazi occupation who join forces to produce a newspaper. Screenplay created by award-winning writer, Dan Franck (Spin). Old Amazon link.

Rest in Peace (Pocivali u miru) (1 season/12 episodes) – Croatia.
When journalist Lucija Car is sent to report on the demolition of Croatia’s oldest prison, she stumbles across a graveyard of unclaimed bodies and senses that there are more secrets to be unearthed. Rest in Peace is an absorbing crime thriller that interweaves the story of each newly discovered victim with Croatia’s dark political history. Old Amazon link.
Current status: The third and final season aired in Croatia in early 2018.

The River (Elven) (1 season/8 episodes) – Norway.
In the quiet and remote village of Djupelv, seven-year-old Silja finds a severed arm while out playing near the river. Less than 24 hours later Silja mysteriously disappears. New to the village, police officer Thomas Lønnhøiden begins an investigation into Silja’s disappearance and soon suspects the that the close-knit community are hiding dark and dangerous secrets. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Rough Justice (Coppers) (1 season/13 episodes) – Belgium.
Straight-talking Superintendent Liese Meerhout leads the homicide department in the Antwerp police force. She and her team go to great lengths to ensure justice is served, even if it means they too cross the line between right and wrong. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

The Score (Spitsbroers) (2 seasons/20 episodes) – Belgium.
Brothers Alan and Dennis share the same dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Their close relationship is tested when Dennis is selected to join a premier league team and Alan is left sitting on the bench. As Alan struggles to ‘grow up’, Dennis life appears exciting and glamorous – but looks can be deceiving. Can their love for each other endure the challenges they are about to face? Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Scratch My Back (Voor wat hoort wat) (1 season/6 episodes) – Belgium.
When a luxury retirement home finds itself in trouble, four young offenders are brought in to do community service. But when the worlds of the young and old begin to collide, their values and expectations are put to the test. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Secret Enemies (Ratamo) (1 season/8 episodes) – Finland.
When Finland’s PM’s chauffeur is found dead, detective Arto Ratamo is convinced that the case is more complex than it first seems. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Pending/unknown.

Shades of Guilt (Schuld) (2 seasons/10 episodes) – Germany.
In the final analysis, it all comes down to guilt; different shades of guilt that one assumes in a single moment of thoughtlessness or in months of premeditated planning. Defence Attorney Friedrich Knonberg knows he must tip the legal scales of justice in favour of his clients’ for crimes that are never black and white and never what they may seem. Old Amazon link.
Current status: The 3rd and final season aired in Germany in 2019.

Spin (Les hommes de l’ombre) (3 seasons/18 episodes) – France.
Intoxicating, award-winning political thriller delving deep into the heart of a tension-filled campaign and the turbulent presidential term that follows as two spin doctors, formerly allies, are pitted against each other. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

Tainted (O Caçador) (1 season/13 episodes) – Brazil.
After three years locked up for a crime he didn’t commit, former police officer André Câmara is back on the streets working as a bounty hunter and determined to prove his innocence. A gripping, South American sizzler charting the action from the mean streets of Brazil all the way to the bedrooms of the law enforcers. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series ended.

Three Times Manon (3xManon) (1 Miniseries/3 episodes) – France.
Set in modern France, Three Times Manon tackles a polemical subject in the country and all around Europe: how to improve the quality of life for problematic youngsters with tolerance and no violence. Manon is a 15-year-old girl rebelling against everything. She is sent to a rehabilitation center after stabbing her mother with a knife. Now, she has six months to prove herself. This is the first of two miniseries and is followed by Manon 5 Years On. Old Amazon link.

Tony’s Revenge (Les beaux mecs) (Miniseries/8 episodes) – France.
A notorious mobster escapes from prison after 25 years and, enlisting the help of a young thug, seeks revenge on the gangsters who put him there. Old Amazon link.

Torn (Soupçons) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
Victoire and Florent are both married, both have children, and yet the attraction is irresistible. Just when they decide to leave their spouses, Florent’s wife disappears. Old Amazon link.

Valkyrien (1 season/8 episodes) – Norway.
Beneath Oslo, Leif is running an underground bomb shelter turned clinic where Ravn secretly treats his dying wife and desperate patients forgotten by society. When their interests diverge, the entire city, and possibly the world, is put at risk. Amazon link – now available on Topic. Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Vanished by the Lake (Le mystère du lac) (Miniseries/6 episodes) – France.
Homicide Detective Lise returns to her hometown for the first time since a local tragedy shattered her teens. Tragedy strikes again when a teenage girl vanishes under circumstances that mirror the disappearance of Lise’s two best friends, Ana and Marion, fifteen years earlier: an unsolved case. Convinced there is a connection, Lise is determined to find the missing girl and answers to the past. This miniseries is followed by Killer by the Lake. Old Amazon link.

Who Killed Bebe? (Quién mató al Bebe Uriarte) (1 season/13 episodes) – Argentina.
Esteban “Bebe” Uriarte is a well-known entrepreneur in the Sante Fe nightlife scene. When tourists sailing along the Setúbal Lagoon discover a corpse floating in the water, the city is sent into chaos upon learning that the body has been identified as Bebe’s. As police investigate and piece together the details of the case, it seems this murder is more complicated than they ever thought possible. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Series assumed to be ended.

Young & Promising (Unge lovende) (3 seasons/18 episodes) – Norway.
Three women in their mid 20s, living in the heart of Oslo, coping with their transition to adulthood. Life has its demands; lovers, friends, family and work, combined with the rising expectations these women set for themselves. Old Amazon link.
Current status: Season 4 aired in Norway in late 2018.


10 thoughts on “Walter Presents USA – Full Series list.

  1. When will Season 2 of La Otra Mirada (The Boarding School) be available? I am stuck with a cliffhanger. Not good!!


  2. Sorry, I meant, will series 3&4 of Luna & Sophie be available in 2022? Series 4 of Solo Potsdam just wrapped up 6 weeks ago. Really a great show.


    1. Not sure yet. I’ll try asking the Walter Presents team but based on past history they’re often reluctant to say too much about returning shows much ahead of the monthly release schedule we get from PBS. Like most streaming services they’re even more reluctant to say much about shows they might not have opted to pick up future seasons of because viewership numbers for early seasons might not have met expectations – or perhaps because some other streaming service has come in & offered more than they’re willing to pay for subsequent seasons.


  3. Would really like to access/see Season 4 of The Paris Murders (Profilage); as Amazon stops at S4, how to stream remaining seasons? Fantastic show


    1. Walter Presents are gradually adding new seasons to their PBS Masterpiece channel. I think it’s just a case of being patient until those new seasons are added.


  4. We just watched The Good Apprentice (L’allieva) Season 1. Are there more seasons and how can we watch them?


    1. It looks like there are 3 seasons in total. As with most new shows it will probably be a while before subsequent seasons get added to PBS/Walter Presents and whether they arrive at all will probably depend to some extent on how many people watch the first season.


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