Walter Presents 2022 Preview

Walter Presents released 31 shows in the UK in 2021 – 22 brand new & 9 returning so the following is just a snapshot of a few of the most exciting things they have planned for 2022.

CRY WOLF (Ulven kommer) – Denmark.
A teenage girl has written a vivid school essay detailing her stepfather’s violent behaviour in the home. The parents deny the accusations and bring a court case against the social services – and thus their own daughter. But who is lying – and who is telling the truth? This multi-award winning drama stars Bjarne Henriksen who viewers may recognise from The Killing and The Hunt and was created by Maja Jul Larsen, a writer who previously worked on Borgen, Follow the Money & The Legacy. The series is currently scheduled to arrive on All4 on Friday, 28 January with Episode 1 airing on Channel 4 on Sunday, 30 January.

SNOW ANGELS (Snöänglar) – Sweden.
Two days before Christmas, while Sweden is paralyzed by a heavy snowstorm, the five-week-old baby Lucas inexplicably disappears from his home. The experienced police officer Alice thinks that something is not right in parents’ stories. This tense drama stars Josefin Asplund of Vikings fame. The series is currently scheduled to arrive on All4 on Friday, 11 March with Episode 1 airing on Channel 4 on Sunday, 13 March.

THE KING OF WARSAW (Król) – Poland.
The series follows ruthless Jewish boxer Jakub Szapiro as he attempts to take over Buddy Kaplica as leader of the Jewish mafia in Warsaw, 1937. On the backdrop of a growing conflict between socialists and fascists, Szapiro’s future is drawn into the political conspiracy at the highest levels of government and a mob war, which could determine the fate of the entire country. The series is currently expected in May.

RED LIGHT – Netherlands.
Swirling, current drama series about three women who lose themselves and find each other in the world of prostitution and human trafficking. This winner of Best Series and Special Interpretation Prize at Cannes Series Festival stars none other than global star Carice Van Houten, known for Game of Thrones. The series is currently expected in November.

Italian detective Rocco Schiavone is back with a vengeance to solve crime whilst trying to evade his own tragic past, finally revealing the story that explains his unorthodox behaviour. Season 2 is currently expected in February.

In addition to the above viewers can also look forward to the return of popular shows like The Hunter (date TBC) and The Truth Will Out (currently scheduled for Friday, 11 February). Norwegian crime drama Outlier and German true crime drama Dark Woods are already confirmed for January. Details here and here.

Here’s a trailer featuring all the shows detailed above plus The Hunter S2.

See our Walter Presents UK – Full Series List for details of more shows expected in 2022. All dates above are subject to change.

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