Walter Presents: The Truth Will Out Season 2

The hit Swedish series WALTER PRESENTS: THE TRUTH WILL OUT (Det som göms i snö) returns for a second season as Peter Wendel struggles to keep his Cold Case unit together whilst investigating someone from inside the police force.

A spoiler free reminder of the premise of the series for anyone who may not yet have seen season 1: “Tense crime thriller with a biting humour following troubled detective Peter Wendel as he attempts to create a new, dedicated cold case team.Wendel’s goal encounters a set-back when an unknown killer leaves a message for the police. It states that Sweden’s most notorious serial killer is actually a fraud. In order to uncover the truth, Peter has to pull his cold case team together quickly but is limited to an unusual bunch of misfits of the police force – the only officers currently available in Stockholm. His newly formed team find themselves at odds with the powerful group of people who got the serial killer convicted in the first place. With a more personal connection to the case than he’d like to admit, and the political media hot on his trail, will Wendel’s inept team be able to expose the truth that has been hidden for so long?”

Here’s Walter’s intro to season 1. Below that you’ll find details about season 2 which includes SPOILERS for season 1 if you haven’t yet seen all the episodes.

Peter Wendel’s Cold Case Unit has hardly risen in the ranks at the police station since the last investigation and has become severely understaffed. Jorma quit and started his real estate career, and Caijsa is on her way to an extended leave. Peter isn’t doing well after finally accepting that his brother Urban actually took his own life, and torments himself with memories of the brother he wasn’t able to save. But everything changes when a colleague is suddenly found murdered. Peter knew the dead police officer, who was also a close friend of his brother’s. The officer’s death is the start of a chain of events which will reveal that a high-ranking police commissioner, known for his work against sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and violence against women, is living a double life. The investigation also raises doubts about Peter’s brother, and step by step, Peter begins to suspect that Urban may have been onto something he shouldn’t have been…

Season 2 (5 episodes) is available on Walter Presents via All 4 from Friday, 11th February. The first episode premieres on Channel 4 on Sunday, 13th February at 11:00PM.


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